• Auto send email on entering / invoicing orders

    Is there any ways to enable Sage 100 auto send email notification to a certain group of recipients upon SO is entered / invoiced?

    I assume this has to involve scripting, right?




    Hello , 

    We are new to using Sage 100 and have a few questions . 

    After our sales people process a sales order we then go into Shipping data entry and then print the invoice. At the end of the day , we then update the register. My question is , how can…

  • How to turn off message about printing invoices when posting Sales Journal?

    We just upgraded from 2017 to 2019 Sage 100cloud.

    Now when we post invoices using S/O Daily Sales Reports and Updates, we get a message "Not all invoices have been printed". We didn't use to get that. I poured over Role Maintenance and S/O settings and…

  • Get Value of Items in each Box using Shipping Data Entry When Shipment has multiple boxes

    Is there a way to get Sage 100 to Display the Value of the Items in each box when doing Shipping Date Entry? This would be for internal processing only. 

    We're able to print out a packing list per box and indicate its contents, but we still need to manually…

  • VI job addDays to add business days


    I've used VI jobs for various import and export jobs to import things from sales order info to bill structure. I dont use a lot of conditional based columns.

    What im trying to do is have the ShipExpireDate be 5 business days added to the order…

  • Sales Order boi c# , doesn't register the order

    I've been using c# to insert customers, now I'm trying to insert an order, I don't get any error but it don't find the order,  I reasearched needed values but maybe I'm missing something

    int TaskID = (int)oSS.InvokeMethod("nLookupTask…

  • Can I use table IM_ItemWarehouse to trigger script?

    Hello I was just wondering If  I can trigger a user defined script, with table IM Item Warehouse? I'm looking to trigger a script when there are changes on an item inventory. I see a field named Available on Item Maintenance > Quantity, I'm assuming…

  • Sales Order line udf is not populating in Sales Order Invoice lines

    I have created the same udf in sales order detail and SO invoice detail entities.  Both same type - string - and same size (20).  In the data source from  SO invoice detail I have selected "copy from sales order and for data source I have selected SO_SalesOrderDetail…

  • SO Invoice Entry - Default qty ordered and shipped to 1

    I want to have all SO Invoice lines default to an order quantity of 1 and a ship quantity of 1 (currently the default is zero).  This is Sage 100 2019.  I wrote the following script and attached it as a post-validation event to the Item Code column, but…

  • Integrating with Sales Order

    So there seems to be no way to actually integrate Sales Order using inventory with Job Cost and end up with all costs on the job.

    You can either integrate inventory (so you see what is required for Sales Orders) OR you can post costs to Job Cost, but…

  • fundamental difference between open and backorders

    What is the fundamental logic difference MAS uses when entering line items to sales order that exceed available quantity?

    To be clear, suppose you're entering a sales order line item that has an available quantity of 5. If you enter quantity 6, you are…

  • Possible to add additional 'Order Status' type?


    We are wanting to further specify Quote orders as 'New', 'Converted', or 'Expired'.

    Is it possible to add an entry to the 'Order Status' drop down in sales order entry? I'm assuming I will need to do some script/UI customizations…

  • Creating Job Cost record on the fly from Sales Order

    After Job Cost was updated to the Business Objects Interface Sage confirms but has not corrected two major problems (for us). When Sales Order is integrated with Job Cost there is the ability to create a new job from Sales Order Entry. When entering the…

  • File SO_OpenOrderWrk - Field QuantityOnHand

    Where does the QuantityOnHand value come from in the SO_OpenOrderWrk file? The field value is always zero when I try to use it in an Open Order Report. I would like to pull the QuantityOnHand from the IM_ItemWarehouse file based upon the WarehouseCode…

  • Attach PDF to Sales Order

    Has anyone found a way, including third-party enhancements, to attach and print a document associated with a sales order. We have a customer that wants to print a document with shipping instructions after the sales order prints.

    Any help is greatly appreciated…

  • Header Print Area

    We have a lot of information in our header tab already and when we print our sales order the space is mostly allocated.  We have a new UDF field that we need to create and I am trying to figure out a place to put this new information, was hoping in the…

  • How to run two scripts after VI job across each invoice in batch?

    I have a VI Job that imports sales order invoices into a batch. I have scripting that does some zip code validations and then uses scripting to interact with 3rd party integration buttons that are installed (Vertex tax software). The scripts work perfectly…

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  • visual integrator - update old sales order based on customer po number

    Using Visual Integrator, how can i prevent the importing of a Sales Orrder, and make it update an old sales order instead, if the PO number of the currently importing Sales Order is the same as the PO number of an old sales order?

  • Can i import a Sales Order through Visual Integrator by description rather than alias or item number?

    Can i import a Sales Order through Visual Integrator by description rather than alias or item number?  How would this be done?

  • visual integrator import sales order customerNo

     here is the line i'm testing my import on:


    col 1: H.SalesOrderNo  'Next'

    col 2: H.ARDivisionNo

    col 3: H. CustoemrNo

    When I attempt to import, I'm getting this error:

    However, when I manually enter a sales order…

  • Need help with a script invoked on the button click to validate the customer's open invoices

    Hi friends, 

    We have a business requirement to have a vb script that would pop up a message box on the sales order entry as soon as we tab out of customer no field or set as a user-invoked button. 

    If the customer has any open invoices that are past due…

  • Item Maintenance Tab Orders Count


    I am trying to come up with a counter for the number of orders (Standard or Backorders) that an item is on. So far I have tried a script that counts the line inside of SO_SalesOrderDetail but it won't write to the two UDFs made in CI_ITEM. Has…

  • Can a packing list be reprinted from history in Sales Order after invoicing is complete and posted?

    We have need to reprint a packing list for a shipment which has already been invoiced and posted in Sales Order. Not finding anything in Sage City or the Knowledgebase, so I'm assuming those who know will tell me that it is not possible. Please confirm…

  • Script to update child line

    I wrote a script sales order detail post write script that creates a child line that is a percentage of the parent line. If the updates the parent line quantity, unit price or extension the script updates the child line, BUT does not display the change…