• No A/P Month End Reports Found

    We're running the A/P month end process for the first time.  However, there are no period end reports listed in the Period End Report Selection. 

    These are the reports I expect to see listed

    How do I get the A/P period end reports to list in the new…

  • Sage Alerts HTML email color coded table

    I am writing an html email alert for Sage Alerts and Workflow v9.0 for Sage 100 and I have a table in the email alert and I want the table to be shaded for every other row. I'm using the nth-child(even) method and I can't get it to work. If someone has…

  • Auto send email on entering / invoicing orders

    Is there any ways to enable Sage 100 auto send email notification to a certain group of recipients upon SO is entered / invoiced?

    I assume this has to involve scripting, right?



  • DCOM permissions and BOI

    Environment: IIS, .net CORE ASP.net web API, ProvideX.Script COM object (Sage 100/ MAS90 2018 v4.5), Server 2012 R2.

    Starting with the workaround first: so far my workaround has been to allow my IIS identity pool ID full access to the DCOM computer…

  • Payroll

    Hi - My IT guy just installed an update and now I am trying to access the Payroll module and it tells me that i do not have seurity rights to it.  Does anyone know how to fix this ?  - The online chat does not seem to be working.



    Is there a way to show which PO's that have been received in are missing an invoice? We just switched over from Sage 50 and when the warehouse would receive material in, they would check off the box "waiting on bill". That way I could then just…

  • Sales Order lines

    I previously worked with Sage 500 and was able to run a query from Sales Order lines and dump that data into excel and then manipulate it for my presentations and create pivot tables.This would brake down the sales order to the line level and provide…

  • VI PO Receipt of Goods both Lot and Avg items in the same receipt

    I'm trying to recreate PO Receipt of Goods from history. I can't seem to import to a PO where 10 lines are lot distributed and 1 line is not.

    What field can i add to distinguish between them?

  • Moving an overpayment from one customer to another

    I have a customer that has about 10 different divisions in different states. I received a few checks today , and while applying payments i accidentally over received in one account. So now that account shows -$239.40 , however i need that to be transferred…

  • Sage keeps closing

    We have 6 different computers running Sage 100 . On my computer only, Sage will close it's main page and I'm unable to continue working unless I close out and sign in again. Again, this only happens on my computer. I don't have to be doing anything specific…

  • Physical Count Worksheet Print Dialog - Print Quantity on Hand not displaying

    I've got two users that we need to be able to print out the Physical Count Worksheets with the Quantities on Hand. The print dialog panel does not show the checkbox to do this for those users. It does show for me.

    For the life of me, I can't find…

  • run script without admin (COM exception failed to initialize provideX library)

    I see that there are lots of questions about this in the past, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer on how to move forward with it. I realize it has something to do with DCOM, registering the DLL, running client side verse server side.... But I…


    Hello , 

    We are new to using Sage 100 and have a few questions . 

    After our sales people process a sales order we then go into Shipping data entry and then print the invoice. At the end of the day , we then update the register. My question is , how can…

  • Visual Integrator

    We have an export for item quantities. At the moment we're exporting 3 columns of data which include "Item Code", "Temp001" (which is a calculated field), and "Suggested Retail Price".

    We're having negative numbers that…

  • Full-time & part-time status not reportable fields?

    Hello, all - is the answer right in front of my face and I can't see it? Neither the Employee Listing (in Payroll Reports) and Custom Lookup View (in Payroll Employee Maintenance) seem to report part-time status in EE Maintenance; this status is indicated…

  • Upload budget for 2021 and I have not done this before Sage 100

    I have to upload Budget 2021 I did not how to upload my CSV file ?

  • Error XFFFFFF when open .MAE file

    Hi Everyone , 

    i just installed sage100 with 2012 express,will have this error when open the .mae 

    please help and advise. 


  • Importing Main Account, etc

    Is there a way that I can use to import my Main Account, MA Description, Account Category, Main Account Group, MAG Description, Account Type & cash Flow Type?  I'm not copying this from another company.  It's a brand new chart of accounts with over…

  • Production Management Period End Processing

    Okay going to the Pros

    We are trying to identify if any changes or additional actions occur for the period end processing within the production management module for sage 100 cloud.  Can some one tell me the actions that occur when processing period end…

  • Open PO Qty vs On PO qty discrepancy

    Hello All,

    We are using SAGE 100. Somehow On PO qty coming in Stock status report is not Open PO Qty.

    SAGE is pulling a open PO qty from somewhere - SAGE ppl kindly share your thoughts

    In the below example, in main I m seeing a open PO qty but in the orders…

  • Sales KIT not invoicing due to KIT not shipped


    We are having an issue with our invoices not closing out because the actual kit is marked as 'backordered' as opposed to 'shipped'. However, all components of the kit have shipped.

    For example, the KIT named ABC-KIT has 3 components…

  • Sales Order Line UDF Update during Invoice Data Entry

    Hi, I am trying to write a script that zero's out a Sales Order UDF during Invoice Data Entry. This is what I have, but it is not zeroing in on the exact sales order in my lines and it doesn't seem to be writing back to the sales order, although I have…

  • Sage 2013: You do not have sufficient rights to override the credit card information... and you cannot process a credit transaction greater than $.00

    I have an administrator account and I do all of my work in a regular user account that I set permissions with, which tend to be the same as other people in my company, so others can use my account without any concerns.

    There's a new error in Sage as of…

  • Active Vendor List

    Is it possible to get a Active Vendor List?  Lets say vendors that have been paid in the last 3 years?  

  • Customizing SO Invoice Data Entry - New Tab - Adding Fields/UDF with Drop-Down Menus etc

    Hi everyone, I'm using Sage 2013

    I've added a new tab to the Sales Order module in Main > Invoice Data Entry

    I've added fields/UDFs (some are already ones that existed), but I'm unable to add to anything in this tab or figure out how to get…