• Full-time & part-time status not reportable fields?

    Hello, all - is the answer right in front of my face and I can't see it? Neither the Employee Listing (in Payroll Reports) and Custom Lookup View (in Payroll Employee Maintenance) seem to report part-time status in EE Maintenance; this status is indicated…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.3

    What’s new in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.3

    • The new Quarterly Unemployment Report has been added to the Payroll Reports menu. This report includes the following information:
      • Gross wages
      • Total wages subject to employer’s unemployment tax
      • Capped…
  • Do I need to include Time Card Module when purchasing new version sage 100 2020 if they are buying Complete bundle plus Job Cost? They want to use Time Track.

    On the new version of Sage 100 2020 with Payroll, They are purchasing Job cost too.  We will be enabling Time Track.  Do I need to also purchase Time Card?

  • Certified Payroll Report - Time Track and Payroll

    We have a client that is converting from Sage 2017 to Sage 2020.  They do not own the Time Card module, but did have a Union Automation enhancement from Kissinger.  They will still use that enhancement in the new version.  DO they have to purchase and set…

  • Has anyone had issues with a paystub not reflecting all the hours paid?

    We have an employee that recieved their paystub for only 5 hours, but they were paid for 59 hours.  Anyone else have this issue?  It has happened on 2 of their stubs.

  • Can I pull a report of employees' federal and state W-4 status?

    I've looked through the payroll module overview and other sources and cannot determine whether employees' federal and state withholding elections (filing status, including exempt) from the W-4s are reportable fields. If some report, somewhere, captures…

  • Can't find fields needed to recreate a PR report.

    I have a report from v2017 that utilizes the table PR4_EmployeeEarningDeduction.  The documentation says that in v2019 the equivalent table name is PR_EmployeeDeduction.  The problem is that the new table doesn't seem to include earning information, and does…

  • Changes not captured in Employee Masterfile Audit Report

    Hello, folks:

    In our payroll module, the Employee Masterfile Audit Report doesn't capture changes to employee deductions, direct deposit bank accounts, or paystub emails or passwords. For years, our workaround has been to save screenshots of the change…

  • PII Data

    I'm sure this is similar to the issues others are having when trying to get PII data from Sage to another application, but I'll ask anyway.

    Our client has an Access database. They need First Name, Last Name and Status. Anyone figured out how to…

  • Online Payroll Portal

    Good morning all,

    We are an accounting and payroll firm here and we process over 75 companies payroll. Some of these companies have requested a payroll portal and I have been trying to research this for days now and I am not getting anywhere. How do I…

  • Seeking Improvements for Capturing PTO

    We're seeking to improve and streamline our PTO tracking process for our biweekly employees. At present, these employees or their supervisors email me with the dates they took (or will take) PTO and the amount of hours (4 or 8). I then plug the hours…

  • Payroll 2.20.2 Payroll Tax Calculation error

    Upgraded a client from Payroll 2.20.1 to Payroll 2.20.2.  Receiving an Error 65  Program PR_SPATAXCALC.PVC when running Payroll Tax Calculation.  The Knowledgebase points to PR_PayrollTaxCalc_Ui.pvc.  However all conditions that cause a problem with this file…

  • Accruing Payroll journal entry question - not using Sage payroll

    I am getting confused over how to accrual payroll.  I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm what I"m doing is correct.

    To clarify:

    PR ending 6/27 = $100  (actually paid on 7/3)
    Stub Accrual 2 days 6/29 and 6/30 =  $40 (paid on 7/8)

    I am accruing…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2

    What's new in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2

    • COVID-19 Legislation support
      • Emergency Leave Worksheet
      • Employee Retention Credit Worksheet
      • Updates to Quarterly Tax Report
      • Updates in Federal and State Tax Reporting
    • International Address Support

    For more…

  • Visual integrator and date fields

    I am converting some payroll export jobs from v2017 to v2019.  In v2017, fields such as PR.PER_CHK are shown in VI as type DATE.  In v2019, the replacement field PR_PayrollHistoryHeader.CheckDate is of type STRING.

    My converted job fails to export data…

  • Upgrade to 2020 - Tax profiles regarding covid pay

    Although I cannot duplicate it at this time - be alert for this issue when upgrading to 2020 if you have tax profiles that have covid pay enabled.

    Client did a payroll on a Wednesday and we did final data migration to 2020 that evening.   Payroll did all…

  • FICA Error

    We are running Sage 100 2017. We have two companies with payroll in each.  There is a 401K plan in each company and the deduction codes for each company are set up identically.  On one company, the 401K deductions are not being reduced for the FICA calculation…

  • Sage 100 Employee Data

    Sage 100c 2019 Standard.  When I print a custom payroll crystal report I receive an error message that reads:

    Error in File PR BPA CUSTOM


    Failed to retrieve data from the database.

    Details: [Database…

  • Payroll version error 60

    Employee maintenance, tab 4 "taxes".

    How do I correct this?


  • Certified Payroll Report via Aatrix

    I have a client that is using the Certified Payroll Reporting in new payroll - 2.20.1. When they get to the report in Aatrix, there is no employee information or Job Information. Also, it looks like you can get to previously filed reports, but there is…

  • Family First Payroll - Unable to upgrade at this time

    We have several clients that their systems have modifications and will not be able to upgrade until the mods are written for the current version.  Our thoughts are to install the newer version of Sage so they can use it to process their payroll and journal…

  • Payroll accrual percentage not available?

    So what super simple thing am I missing.   Note in the image below.  This should be allowing a 100% accrual but the percentage is greyed out and changing the accrual and posting dates does nothing.   However, if I change the pay period to cross the month…

  • Removal of "Fixed Amount" option for Tax Calc Override in payroll update.

    We are in the process of upgrading from Sage 100c v2017 to v2019.  In testing, we discovered that the option to withhold a fixed amount under taxes has been eliminated.  This is a deal breaker for us.  Our director of finance has indicated that he cannot…

  • Reverse a PR Source Journal posting which was posted into wrong date.

    I just noticed that I posted our 01/11/2020 payroll to 11/11/2020.  I'm surprised it didn't give me a BIG warning about posting 10 months in the future.

    We post in detail and our posting journal is 20 pages long.  I'd prefer not to have to manually…

  • Indiana Unemployment forms Aatrix


    I just got off a chat with Aatrix support and was told the IN UC-1/UC-5 report (print version) is no longer a good form and should be off the IN Efiling list, but everyone of my clients has this form still listed except for 1 company of 4 at one client…