• DCOM permissions and BOI

    Environment: IIS, .net CORE ASP.net web API, ProvideX.Script COM object (Sage 100/ MAS90 2018 v4.5), Server 2012 R2.

    Starting with the workaround first: so far my workaround has been to allow my IIS identity pool ID full access to the DCOM computer…

  • Having problem adding Customer Contact through BOI

    I am running the following VB scripting:

    do while not RS3.eof
    If strContNo="" Then
    strContNo=" "…

  • run script without admin (COM exception failed to initialize provideX library)

    I see that there are lots of questions about this in the past, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer on how to move forward with it. I realize it has something to do with DCOM, registering the DLL, running client side verse server side.... But I…

  • sage .NET libraries for c#

    I see some older threads discussing some in-progress ideas people were working with, as well as some libraries on the nuget packages out there - but there is no documentation on them that I can see. Does anyone have a recommended usage for them? Have…

  • Set Sage field equal to UDF (user script?)

    Earlier this year I created a mobile application for pulling orders. To integrate, I made a rather barbaric implementation: when the mobile application backorders an item, update SO_SalesOrderDetail.QuantityBackordered = External.QuantityBackordered.…

  • Sales Order boi c# , doesn't register the order

    I've been using c# to insert customers, now I'm trying to insert an order, I don't get any error but it don't find the order,  I reasearched needed values but maybe I'm missing something

    int TaskID = (int)oSS.InvokeMethod("nLookupTask…

  • Can I use table IM_ItemWarehouse to trigger script?

    Hello I was just wondering If  I can trigger a user defined script, with table IM Item Warehouse? I'm looking to trigger a script when there are changes on an item inventory. I see a field named Available on Item Maintenance > Quantity, I'm assuming…

  • Updating Batches via BOI

    Hello all!

    I'm working on a script to auto approve batches but I am running into some issues.  I looked through the BOI course and there is an example in there that updates the SalesOrder so I adapted my code from that.  I'm not sure if I'm setting…

  • BOI - Printing of Purchase Orders - Unattended


    I have a script that prints Purchase Orders to PDF through BOI. The script works fine when I manually run it. If I run it unattended through Windows Task Scheduler, it doesn't print the PDFs. My logfiles show that all the return values are…

  • Create Purchase Order Invoice via BOI


    I am able to create Sales Order, Sales Order Invoices, and AP Invoices via BOI without any issues. I am missing something about the order of things for PO Receipt of Invoice. Here is an excerpt of my code (it's in Powershell, but the methods are…

  • Get to Lines object in PowerShell

    Hi Experts,

    am working on a data import into Sage 100 in PowerShell through BOI. It works fine. The one problem I have is to get to Lines Objects.

    In VBScript i used the following line to get a handle for the oLines object:

    Set oLines = oSession.AsObject…

  • Sales Order Printing via BOI in Sage 100

    Hi BOI-Experts,

    I need some help with a BOI script that I use to print Sales Orders. It works properly in two of my test environments (Sage 100 v2017 Standard, Sage 100 v2018 Advanced).

    But I am not able to run it in he Sage 100 v2018 Standard target…

  • Script will not get data from UDF

    I am trying to use a button to link to a website that is based on a number stored in my Sage Data.
    I know there is info in the field as I can query it from Excel.
    I know the script is pulling data as I can get the Order Date based on the order number…

  • Prepaid Invoice Requests

    Our developers have written an interface to pull and push AR customer data.  Invoices (IN) are not a problem, but prepaid invoices (PP) produce no results and no errors. I'm pasting the code below.  Any ideas?

    using System;
    using System.Collections.…

  • Sage 100 Export Sales Order to File BOI


    I am having difficulty getting some code to work.  I have found examples, but translating it to C# is making it harder to solve the problem.

    I am trying to export a sales order through the SO_SalesOrderPrinting_UI BOI.

    the following settings seem…

  • BOI in Microsoft PowerShell

    I am trying to use PowerShell instead of VBScript to access Sage via BOI. I am able to login, set the company, set the module and get a handle to the table I want. But I am not able to retrieve values when looping through the table. I tried multiple variations…

  • Adding Misc Charge Items to Sales Order are not being added in BOI

    I am currently trying to add in a misc charge item to a sales order using BOI. 

    soORDER.oLines.nSetValue("ItemCode$", "/SALESTAX")
    soORDER.oLines.nSetValue("ExtensionAmt", 10.00)
    soORDER.oLines.sLastErrorMsg #No error message. 

  • PO Receipt of Goods Received Quantity not writing

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping I'm making a simple mistake in my coding and someone can help me out.  Below is a snippet of code where I'm reading serial numbers and importing into Receipt of Goods Entry (with an invoice number, in case it matters).

  • SO invoicing Error :"Missing or Invalid Header"


    I am writing script to create invoice using BOI,but it gives error when writing Line items "Missing or Invalid Header".Can someone help on this.

    My code snippet

    int TaskID = (int) oSS.InvokeMethod("nLookupTask", "SO_Invoice_Ui");…

  • BOI with Custom Module.

    Hi All,

    I have a custom module installed in Sage 100, I need to do insert in it using BOI script. Is anyone has any Idea how I can achieve it?

    your reply will be Appreciated 



  • AR Invoice Header PreWrite script not working correctly during Repetitive Invoice Selection

    Sage 100 Advanced 2018. I have a script designed to fire on AR Invoice Header PreWrite: If a BillTo account is specified in Invoice Header it should confirm the checkbox UDF_BTST is checked in AR_Customer, and if not should displays a message reminding…

  • What's the purpose of SetDate?

    I took the BOI class, but that seems to be intended as a high-level overview, not so much a function-by-function breakdown. I checked the documentation, but it just says "Set module date". Not exactly helpful.

    So, what's the effect of setting…

  • Third party integration error when trying to import an order from Quoteworks to Sage 100 2018 Sales order

    The error that's generated during the process is misleading. I think there's something else going on which is preventing the process from completing. Here's the general error info:

    Processing the Document "DocumentNumber" in Sage failed…

  • Shipping Data Entry via BOI with large number of documents - odd behaviour


    I created BOI script that pulls picked orders from a SQL server and creates Shipping Data Entries for these orders. The data originates from the Sage Sales Orders and I have all necessary information available. Here is the issue that I am running…

  • Accessing Business Objects with a Client side script?


    I have a script complete that runs a SQL Query and returns the results back in a MsgBox. The very last part I need to do is access the Sales Order Number to include this in my "Where" clause for my Query. 

    This needs to be run on the…