• Work Order v2017 - Material Transaction Import - Visual Integrator

    W/O-Legacy experts,

    I need help! I have been trying to set up a VI job to import W/O material transactions. I followed the KB advice to create an export job, and look at the fields that are populated, I also double-checked that I am using the proper table…

  • VI Bat File Error

    Attempting to create my first bat file to run a VI job outside of Sage 2018 Advanced, getting a Connection Time Out error. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

    I followed the steps carefully to create the new app in the Sage Application Server…

  • VI PO Receipt of Goods both Lot and Avg items in the same receipt

    I'm trying to recreate PO Receipt of Goods from history. I can't seem to import to a PO where 10 lines are lot distributed and 1 line is not.

    What field can i add to distinguish between them?

  • Visual Integrator Link Table Wildcard idea?

    Hello All. I am somewhat familiar with VI and have used it for imports and exports.  However, I have something I can not figure out.  Perhaps not possible.

    I have a need to dump the entire contents of the IM_AliasItem file to CSV.  Not a big deal.


  • Visual Integrator

    We have an export for item quantities. At the moment we're exporting 3 columns of data which include "Item Code", "Temp001" (which is a calculated field), and "Suggested Retail Price".

    We're having negative numbers that…

  • Invoice Register Error


    I am using VI to import invoices into invoce date entry. The import works fine-but when I hit print in order to post, it prints and then runs into an error. The error logs only lists the invoice numbers as the error. I dont know what the system…

  • Export and import default delimiter

    I apologize if this is the wrong place and/or if this has been asked before. I have searched and having found it. I'm looking to change the default delimiter for Visual Integrator from comma to semicolon as we have lots of uses for commas in descriptions…

  • VI job addDays to add business days


    I've used VI jobs for various import and export jobs to import things from sales order info to bill structure. I dont use a lot of conditional based columns.

    What im trying to do is have the ShipExpireDate be 5 business days added to the order…

  • ODBC for VI using Access Split Database

    Hi all, would like a better understanding of best practice in setting up an ODBC link for Sage 100 VI jobs. We are currently still on Sage 100C Advanced 2018, and I am working to beef up what began as a home-grown Access solution to meet a specific accounting…

  • Help file description inaccurate for VI "Skip Source Data Truncation".

    Sentence two:  "Clear this check box to include existing records" doesn't make sense for this field. v2020 and 2018, so it's probably been that way for a while.  Can someone correct the above sentence in Help?

  • Visual Integrator adding an extra delimeter

    I'm working on some VI export jobs in Sage 100 v2019.  I'm noticing that when I run the jobs, v2019 is adding an extra delimiter to the end of each row.  v2017 doesn't do this.  Is there a way to prevent this?

  • Visual integrator and date fields

    I am converting some payroll export jobs from v2017 to v2019.  In v2017, fields such as PR.PER_CHK are shown in VI as type DATE.  In v2019, the replacement field PR_PayrollHistoryHeader.CheckDate is of type STRING.

    My converted job fails to export data…

  • How to run two scripts after VI job across each invoice in batch?

    I have a VI Job that imports sales order invoices into a batch. I have scripting that does some zip code validations and then uses scripting to interact with 3rd party integration buttons that are installed (Vertex tax software). The scripts work perfectly…

  • Pass TEMP0001 to next VI Job in chain?

    On Sage 100 Advanced 2018, Most of my experience with VI has been rather basic, updating or adding customer accounts, but I also have written scripts to import to Repetitive Invoicing Entry and Cash Receipts. However that is using data that…

  • visual integrator - update old sales order based on customer po number

    Using Visual Integrator, how can i prevent the importing of a Sales Orrder, and make it update an old sales order instead, if the PO number of the currently importing Sales Order is the same as the PO number of an old sales order?

  • Can i import a Sales Order through Visual Integrator by description rather than alias or item number?

    Can i import a Sales Order through Visual Integrator by description rather than alias or item number?  How would this be done?

  • Can I extract a value from a cell (during csv import with visual integrator) rather than the entire cell?

    Let's say I have a cell that looks like this (with carriage returns):

    email: [email protected]
    destination: Ft Lauderdale on July 4 2020
    other stuff

    Is there a way within Sage 100 to extract just the value "Ft Lauderdale on July 4 2020"?…

  • visual integrator import sales order customerNo

     here is the line i'm testing my import on:


    col 1: H.SalesOrderNo  'Next'

    col 2: H.ARDivisionNo

    col 3: H. CustoemrNo

    When I attempt to import, I'm getting this error:

    However, when I manually enter a sales order…

  • VI Import Job update field based on 0

    Hello Everyone, 

    I am trying to updated the "Hold Payment" field for our Vendors with an import file that will contain Vendor code and a number. The number will act as a switch for the Hold Payment field, so if it's a 0 then N, if greater than…

  • Visual Integrator Missing Fields

    I've got a Visual Integrator export job that I'd like to to be able to Select by the DateUpdated field in the CI_Item table.  According to the CI_Item column list in File Layouts and Program Information, it should be field 85, but the list of selectable…

  • VI Job into Manual Check Entry (Reversal Checks)

    i have created a VI Job that I am trying to use to reverse a large amount of checks. Each check has one invoice.  I do not want to recall original invoices but create a distribution amount to a GL acct.

    When the job is ran it automatically recalls the…

  • Export VI Job

    Good day;

    Newbie here, any help is greatly appreciated.  I created a VI job to export the previous day invoice no,, day, customer number, customer name. I am exporting this data from  table "AR_InvoiceHistory Header". No management wants me to also add…

  • SO Line Script Not working

    Wrote a simple script for client that has a pop up if when entering SO, you forget to put in qty ordered on lines page and you try to go to the next line pop up says please enter qty ordered. The script works great on my install. Tried to install on client…

  • Brand new Visual Integrator Anytime Learning course available now

    Do you need to know how to import data using Visual Integrator?

    Brand new Anytime Learning topic has just been released and is offered at no charge to all.  Click here to access on Sage University.

  • VI Import to AR Invoice data entry version 2019

    I am running a VI  import to import AR invoices into AR Invoice Data entry to post Invoice to Customer accounts.   The import works I am using an assigned Misc Item code that contains a GL Account number for Sales.  But when I try to post the invoice I get…