We sent a PO to one of our vendors and it was supposed to get shipped to our CA location, however they sent it to our FL location. We now need to send this material to our other warehouse as we have no space here to keep the product. 

    For traceability…

  • Sage Alerts HTML email color coded table

    I am writing an html email alert for Sage Alerts and Workflow v9.0 for Sage 100 and I have a table in the email alert and I want the table to be shaded for every other row. I'm using the nth-child(even) method and I can't get it to work. If someone has…

  • | Talking CRM | A new Sage Advice podcast series |


    There's a new podcast. from the Sage CRM team, that references Sage CRM in action with Sage 100, 300 & further afield. This series, Talking CRM, will be available on the Sage Advice Podcast site every two weeks. I, along with my colleague Jeff Richards…

  • printing UDF

    Hello, I'm curious to know if I can create user defined fields in Sales Order Entry and the same fields in Invoice Data Entry?

    The fields are populated in the Sales Order Entry window, and then transfer to the invoice.  The fields are in be added to…

  • Need help deciphering Activity Log


    We went live with a new project yesterday and are having some issues. I spoke with support, but because we have so many modifications they said they were unable to help. 

    I found the two below entries in the activity log that I believe may be related…

  • SO VI Import not importing Quantity or Price


    I've created a VI job to import Sales Orders.  All fields work perfectly with the exception of the Quantity and Price.  The import log shows both fields as blank, even though the amounts are in the selected columns.  I also tried setting the amounts…

  • Moving an overpayment from one customer to another

    I have a customer that has about 10 different divisions in different states. I received a few checks today , and while applying payments i accidentally over received in one account. So now that account shows -$239.40 , however i need that to be transferred…

  • SO Picking Sheet Formula Syntax to display {SO_PickingSheetWrk.QuantityBackOrdered}

    Been awhile since I've worked with Crystal and have what should be a simple formula.

    The Qty BO Column on the SO Picking Sheet just prints an Underscore.

    I'm trying to get it to print the Qty BO if not equal zero and a blank if equal zero.


  • Unable to change Warehouse code in SO entry


    I have one user who is unable to change the Warehouse code in SO entry from her default to anything else. It is greyed out and wont allow a change. I have changed her permissions, changed her customization group, and nothing has worked. Is there…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.3

    What’s new in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.3

    • The new Quarterly Unemployment Report has been added to the Payroll Reports menu. This report includes the following information:
      • Gross wages
      • Total wages subject to employer’s unemployment tax
      • Capped…
  • Order Processing and Tracking Solutions for Sage 100 ERP 2013?

    Hi everyone, 

    Does anyone know of a good system that will help track orders as they're being processed by integrating with Sage? I'm hoping to find something that has a good way to help us keep things on track as orders are being picked, processed and…

  • Is there a way of getting an archive to load?


    I am pretty new to Sage 100 and I am still getting up to speed. We had a server crash at the office. I was able to reload Sage 100 and restore from backup. My problem now is getting into the archives for previous years that I do not have backups…

  • Job Cost Detail History tied to General Ledger Detail

    I have a client who is migrating from Sage 100 4.5 to Sage Intacct.  I'm trying to take Job Cost lines posted to the GL and break out (tag) the summary lines by job number and cost code (dimensions).  But when I look at the JC tables such as JC Transaction…

  • Print SO Line Number on Packing Slip & Invoices on crystarl report

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for a little help on how to print the sales order line number on Packing Slips & Invoices.

    We are finding every time a partial order is shipped the line numbers are renumbered starting at one based on the remaining lines to…

  • Outsourced Jobs accounting in SAGE 100

    Hello SAGE ppl,

    We buy parts from vendor as 001 and that part for outside job and receive it as 002 - How can we account that in SAGE system?

    We are placing PO and receiving 001 part @ price X. Now we are placing PO and and receive the part 002 @ price…


    Is there a location that we can go to in order to print multiple pick sheets at once without  having to open each one individually?

  • Monthly Sales Report

    When running the standard Monthly Sales Report in the Accounts Receivable module, under Options, the screen only shows the oldest accounting period in our database. Shouldn't users be able to pull down a menu and choose any individual month or range of…

  • Transferring FG inventory from one warehouse to another


    We have recently created a second warehouse in our system and are trying to find the most efficient/effective way to transfer the inventory in the system as well as physically.  I know there is a transfer option in inventory management, but we are…

  • Check Printing Setup Stub Check Stub Sage 100

    How do I change the Check Print Set Up in SAGE 100?  It is currently set for Check, Stub.  I need to Change to Stub, Check, Stub and retain that setting for the future.  Currently have to change it every time check is prepared.

    Thanks - DJS

  • Issue with Auto Reorder total price

    Hi guys 

    We seem to be having an issue with auto reorder. We have ran a rebuild on the modules PO, SO and IM and it didn't seem to solve the issue. See picture below.

    Any ideas on what my have caused this?

    Thanks Guys

  • Installing F9 Install on Sage 2019

    Has anyone installed the F9 software version 4.5 with Sage 2019? We currently have 2016 and it works fine but we are about to upgrade and before we make a change I thought I would check.

  • Changes not captured in Employee Masterfile Audit Report

    Hello, folks:

    In our payroll module, the Employee Masterfile Audit Report doesn't capture changes to employee deductions, direct deposit bank accounts, or paystub emails or passwords. For years, our workaround has been to save screenshots of the change…

  • Creating Dashboard using Sage Intelligence Reporting: free webinar August 12

    Please register for Creating Dashboards Using Sage Intelligence Reporting on Aug 12, 2020 12:00 PM EDT at:


    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the…

  • Customizer

    We have Sage 100 2018.  Looking to add the Routing Number/Description to the Work Order Inquiry Header screen.  Can this be done?  I can only seem to add UDFs in Customizer.  Is there a way to add existing fields to an existing panel?



  • Setup Paperless AR Statement Delivery SOP

    Is there an SOP available to set up Paperless AR Statement Delivery only for specific customers?