• Sage Alerts HTML email color coded table

    I am writing an html email alert for Sage Alerts and Workflow v9.0 for Sage 100 and I have a table in the email alert and I want the table to be shaded for every other row. I'm using the nth-child(even) method and I can't get it to work. If someone has…


    Does Sage 100 Vendor Maintenance have the ability to tie into the IRS TIN data base to verify a vendor's SSN or FED ID when setting up the vendor code in A/P?

  • VI Bat File Error

    Attempting to create my first bat file to run a VI job outside of Sage 2018 Advanced, getting a Connection Time Out error. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

    I followed the steps carefully to create the new app in the Sage Application Server…

  • Need help deciphering Activity Log


    We went live with a new project yesterday and are having some issues. I spoke with support, but because we have so many modifications they said they were unable to help. 

    I found the two below entries in the activity log that I believe may be related…

  • VI PO Receipt of Goods both Lot and Avg items in the same receipt

    I'm trying to recreate PO Receipt of Goods from history. I can't seem to import to a PO where 10 lines are lot distributed and 1 line is not.

    What field can i add to distinguish between them?

  • Moving an overpayment from one customer to another

    I have a customer that has about 10 different divisions in different states. I received a few checks today , and while applying payments i accidentally over received in one account. So now that account shows -$239.40 , however i need that to be transferred…

  • How Avalara Calculates Sales Tax

    I have invoices that have the tax schedule on the header tab as NONTAX ​ and the ship to location code (tab 2) has AVATAX as the tax schedule.  No tax is calculated.  If I change the header tab tax schedule to AVATAX then tax gets calculated.  Shouldn't…

  • Sage + Excel?

    We're using the SODAMAS90 4.0 ODBC driver from sage. Our excel is part of office 365, so it is the latest version. We were able at one point in time (a few weeks ago) to run queries in excel via Data > Get Data > From Other Sources > From Microsoft Query…

  • Unable to print to Paperless Office after update

    I just ran the lasted release for Sage 100cloud Standard 2019 and my Paperless Office has stopped working.  It wants me to provide Output File Name. I have tried deleting the Sage PDF Convertor and the Amyuni drivers and reloaded the Convertor.  I have…

  • Inventory Issues

    Hello, my company currently uses inventory management to track in house supplies. We are a medical facility, that has 70+ departments.  We do not sell the inventory outside of the company, however as departments need supplies we do an "Inventory Issue…

  • Sage 100 ERP 2013: How to generate a list of all accounts that have special pricing methods set, like price overrides, price discount amounts, etc.

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to generate a list of all customers that have special pricing methods set, including: Cost Markup Amount, Cost Markup %, Price Discount Amount, Price Discount % and Price Override. The one that's chiefly…

  • Sales KIT not invoicing due to KIT not shipped


    We are having an issue with our invoices not closing out because the actual kit is marked as 'backordered' as opposed to 'shipped'. However, all components of the kit have shipped.

    For example, the KIT named ABC-KIT has 3 components…

  • Crystal Graph Sales History by Period

    I am working on a Crystal Report that shows a grid with sales history and would like to graph the history by sales period. For instance showing each period in 2018 as blue, 2019 as red, 2020 as green. So you will see each year clearly in each period.…

  • Where is UnitCost in SalesOrderDetail and SalesOrderHistoryDetail from?


    I'm working with Sage 100 and currently working on figuring out job cost. I have a question as in the subject--Where is UnitCost in SalesOrderDetail and SalesOrderHistoryDetail from? Would someone please help me understand the calculation logic…

  • Is there a way to view invoices in Customer Inquiry for the Sold To Customer when National Accounts is Enabled?

    Is there a way to view invoices in Customer Inquiry for the Sold To Customer when National Accounts is Enabled?  

    Currently, I can only view the invoices in the Bill To Customer.  

    When someone is inquiring on an Invoice on a Sold To Customer there does not…

  • PR_EmployeeDocuments table is encrypted and can't access fields in Crystal Report

    v2019 Adv.  Customer would like a Crystal report showing what email address is set up in Employee Maintenance/Paperless for Electronic Delivery.  It may/may not be the same as the Email that is on the Employee Header.  The PR_EmployeeDocuments.m4t is an…

  • ETA For Sage 100 2020 PU1?

    I'm preparing an upgrade proposal and would like to go with the latest Sage release including the first product update. 

    I believe this is scheduled for September 2020 - is there an approximate date in September? I have a customer looking to upgrade…

  • SO Invoice Entry - Default qty ordered and shipped to 1

    I want to have all SO Invoice lines default to an order quantity of 1 and a ship quantity of 1 (currently the default is zero).  This is Sage 100 2019.  I wrote the following script and attached it as a post-validation event to the Item Code column, but…

  • Sage 100: Announcing Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2

    What's new in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2

    • COVID-19 Legislation support
      • Emergency Leave Worksheet
      • Employee Retention Credit Worksheet
      • Updates to Quarterly Tax Report
      • Updates in Federal and State Tax Reporting
    • International Address Support

    For more…

  • <Error: 0 in Method UPDATEINT>


    I have the code below for automatic registration/update of the production transactions.

    I've been getting an error on the UpdateInit method.


  • Production Entry Revision number


    I've been wondering if there's a way to get the latest revision number from A Bill of Materials.

    I've tried to get the value by uising  oProduction.nGetValue("Revision$", strRevisionNo) but im still getting the "000" revision number.…

  • Credit card not Processing on Sales Journal Update


    I am having an issue processing credit cards through Sales Order Invoice Data Entrybin Sage 100c 2018.  I can preauthorize a credit card charge in Sales Order Entry and it preauthorizes in Paya.  When I invoice the sales order the credit card authorization…

  • ODBC Driver for Excel returning NULL values for alphanumeric item codes

    why is the container importing my excel file with blank (NULL) values for items with alpha numeric labels? additionally the columns have switched order?

    Excel Output                                       Connector Module Sample Run                         Original Excel FIle Import

  • SQL Data Warehouse from Sage 100 2018 ProvideX tables

    I have set up a linked server in SQL 2017 set up from Sage 100 using the v4.40.0004 ProvideX ODBC Driver.
    We are looking to create a data warehouse to mirror Sage 100 ProvideX tables in full and refresh deltas throughout the day.

    Pulling FULL tables dumps…

  • Is Excel 2019 Perpetual License Supported with Sage Intelligence (Sage 100 v2020)

    We would like to install Excel 2019 perpetual license so Sage Intelligence can be run, however, the Sage Compatibility Matrix lists Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or o365 Desktop as compatible with Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 version 2020 (6.2).  Excel 2019…