• Crystal Reports: Beginning course October 28-29 (4 hours each day)

    This course is the starting point to learn how to create crystal reports.  In this 2 day hands on virtual class you'll begin by creating a simple report and progress to more complex topics such as creating user-defined parameter fields and defining formulas…

  • printing UDF

    Hello, I'm curious to know if I can create user defined fields in Sales Order Entry and the same fields in Invoice Data Entry?

    The fields are populated in the Sales Order Entry window, and then transfer to the invoice.  The fields are in be added to…

  • SO Picking Sheet Formula Syntax to display {SO_PickingSheetWrk.QuantityBackOrdered}

    Been awhile since I've worked with Crystal and have what should be a simple formula.

    The Qty BO Column on the SO Picking Sheet just prints an Underscore.

    I'm trying to get it to print the Qty BO if not equal zero and a blank if equal zero.


  • Print SO Line Number on Packing Slip & Invoices on crystarl report

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for a little help on how to print the sales order line number on Packing Slips & Invoices.

    We are finding every time a partial order is shipped the line numbers are renumbered starting at one based on the remaining lines to…

  • Crystal Graph Sales History by Period

    I am working on a Crystal Report that shows a grid with sales history and would like to graph the history by sales period. For instance showing each period in 2018 as blue, 2019 as red, 2020 as green. So you will see each year clearly in each period.…

  • Can't find fields needed to recreate a PR report.

    I have a report from v2017 that utilizes the table PR4_EmployeeEarningDeduction.  The documentation says that in v2019 the equivalent table name is PR_EmployeeDeduction.  The problem is that the new table doesn't seem to include earning information, and does…

  • Installing F9 Install on Sage 2019

    Has anyone installed the F9 software version 4.5 with Sage 2019? We currently have 2016 and it works fine but we are about to upgrade and before we make a change I thought I would check.

  • HRMS and Sage 100 coexisting on the same PC

    I know there is an order for installation that will allow HRMS and Sage 100 to peacefully co-exist on the same PC, however I am not sure what the exact order is.

    Also when ever we do a quarter update with HRMS, we invariably break Sage 100 (specifically…

  • Costed Bill of materials report missing components

    When running the Costed Bill of Materials Report some items will print displaying all components. Others do not. Bills are all setup as Standard.

    BOM Options: Maximum number of levels is 10, but these are not levels, just components listed in the lines…

  • How to add the Dollar Symbol to fields in custom Crystal Report

    I would like to add the $ to the beginning of sales numbers in a custom Crystal Report, however I can't seem to locate a place to add it when in Cyrstal Reports.

  • Modify report name on AR Custom Reports menu

    Is it possible to modify the name of a report that was added to our AR Custom Reports menu?

  • Work Order Traveler Printing Permissions

    I have a role that only prints blank work orders when ever WOT printing is processed.  Header detail of the crystal report appears but all fields and details are blank.

    Im holding the Role Maintenance of a working role side by side with the non-working…

  • Crystal Reports: Beginning class July 20-21

    This course is the starting point to learn how to create crystal reports.  In this 2 day hands on virtual class you'll begin by creating a simple report and progress to more complex topics such as creating user-defined parameter fields and defining…

  • Crystal Report sorting a formula

    In Crystal Report I'm trying to Record Sort Export a formula that I made but that formula doesn't show up like the other formulas that I built. Does Crystal have a problem sorting formulas that uses the OR statement or a formula that refers to other formulas…

  • string together for printing 3 different sales order forms

    Is there a way with Crystal Reports to string together 3 different sales order form codes to print at once?

    either for a single order of for multiple orders?

  • Sage100 Crystal Report designer preview asking for a password

    I'm editing accounts payable checks in crystal reports.  I click on "View" and then "Preview".   It then has a popup that says OLE DB, and then has the following fields:

    Server: OURSERVER\SAGE100V2017
    User ID: Mas_Reports


  • Check history reporting in Sage 100 v2019.

    I'm converting some old Crystal reports from Sage 100 v2017 to v2019.  The reports from v2017 use the tables:

    PR_22PerpetChkHistoryHeader and PR_23PerptHistoryDetail

    These tables don't exist in v2019.  What table(s) should I use in their place? 

  • Sage 100 Employee Data

    Sage 100c 2019 Standard.  When I print a custom payroll crystal report I receive an error message that reads:

    Error in File PR BPA CUSTOM


    Failed to retrieve data from the database.

    Details: [Database…

  • Crystal Report- Tax Report

    Hello, I'm trying to create a crystal report so we can generate CA sales and taxes charged. After selecting the data I want populated from the module I'm able to run the report but I only get like 5-6 results. Does anyone know why or how I can have the…

  • Free Webinar: Crystal Reports for Beginners May 20

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  • JUST ADDED: Crystal Reports: Beginning course May 12-13

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  • Reports

    We are trying to find an easier way to show what is on hand for a costed bill of material inquiry. The report obviously shows what the components are but we want to show the quanitityy of those components on hand. I tried checking all the reports that…

  • Custom Check History Payroll Report

    Can anyone tell me where I can find step by step directions on creating a custom check history payroll report? We have 3 departments and within the departments employee work within department numbers. I can print the payroll check history report and break…

  • Can a parameter in crystal report be used to select a printer

    We have a parameter in our Sales Order form that changes what is printed based on the parameter.  I would like to have it print to a particular printer based on the parameter selected.  Actually I want to print from a particular tray in printer based on…

  • Crystal shared var printing previous record

    I am passing a value from a subreport to main report and in the main report this is the formula: 

    shared numbervar Cafe; Cafe

    If there is not a match between the main report and subreport, Then it prints the value from the previous…