Sage 100 payroll subscription

How does a client enroll in a Sage 100 payroll subscription?

  • There is a subscription and payment form which they fill out and fax to Sage. The cost is tiered based upon (a) new vs existing Sage 100 user and (b) Number of active employees
  • actually you need to know .. the number of Active Employees is based on an entire month (NOT YOUR PAYROLL PROCESSING PERIOD) !!!

  • In addition to the above great information, the number of Unique Employee #'s run through the tax calculation process is where the count is incremented, whether you continue with updating that payroll check or not.   It is the total of all unique employee #'s for the month and is reset on the 1st day of a new month.  The active employees is really about estimating how many you will have in a month but turnover could result in having active employees on the payroll the first week of a month that are different unique employee #s than the following week in that month.