Printer not activated

Messing around with a dummy install, and whenever I try to print to pdf using either the "sage pdf converter", or the "extended solutions" one, I get that error.


I found the knowledgebase fix, and applied it, but I still get the error.  Anyone experience?

  • 1. Can you reference the PER # that you've already tried (this will keep people like me from suggesting that you do something you already have done)


    2. Can you go into Company Maintenance - tab #4 - Email - click "Test Email" and "Test Converter" -- do you get a PDF sample ?

  • Try running RegCom.bat on the workstation.


    I think the file is in this directory:


    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sage\Common Components

  • Thanks for the replies guys.  I tried the regcom thing, and it didnt work.  I manaually re-registered cdintfs300.dll and cdintf something....and still doesn't work right.


    I've used pl_advanced_ui to uninstall and reinstall the pdf  printer, and now I get a "lockfile cant be processed".


    Not sure why this is so hard...;/


    Do I need a certain version of adobe reader on my machine or something?

  • i had the 'paperless office output' set to PRINT ALL, instead of PDF it. 


    So i was trying to send a regular paper print job to the sage pdf converter, and it didn't like that.  At least this is what im finding.



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  • I am having an indentical problem.  In addition I used to use it on one computer till it stopped working, so I switched to another one, now thats not working.  What can I do?  I need this for the nightly close to work!