UPS Worldship

Does anyone know the most efficient means by which to get our shipment data from the Sales Order module to UPS Wordship?


We have migrated from 3.4 to 4.4 recently and in the past (way past) used Report Master to export a dbf file that was able to be imported by the Worldship software. The dbf file included the address information for our orders that day. I've got to believe that there is a much more streamlined way in V 4.4 to export the address data to the Worldship software.


We would be grateful for any input as this is vital to our distribution business. Thanks ......


- Mark

  • Call UPS.


    They have a program named Crossware that will handle this for you, and if you do enough business with UPS, it's free.

  • HI Mark,


    UPS Worldship can import that information directly from MAS  through the "Keyed Import" feature.  You have to create the mapping using the UPS OnLine Connect menu option and then use the Connection Assistant to create an import type and connect to a data source.  Your UPS technical agent will most likely create the mapping for you at no charge to you.  I only know this because we have written an addition (third party solution) called Shipping Integration that imports the shipping information (tracking number, weight, freight, ship via, etc.) back into MAS from UPS Worldship.


    Hope this helps!

  • If you have an Access guru handy, create an Access Pass Through Query table with a silent dsn connection to the SO_SalesOrderHeader table.  Verify that it works!  Then create a UPS mapping for the keyed import linking Worldship to the Access PTQ.  Sounds hard, but it really is easy ......... about the third time around!


    Do NOT attempt the Worldship connection using the SOTAMAS ODBC connection!  This is an exercise in futility.  Don't waste your time.


    The Crossware works also.  Big Louie swears by it.


    If you have any questions on the Access PTQ or silent DSN, drop me a private note.


    Thanks for all the suggestions! Unfortunately we dont have any Access gurus but I will look into it more since you say it isn't too difficult. Will also check with UPS Rep on the other.


    Thanks again! ......  and special thanks to TBL for helping with both issues we have posted. If I get hung up how might I drop you a note as suggested.

  • We haven't experienced any issues using an ODBC connection, but we don't suggest using the SOTAMAS90 DSN.  It's best to create a new DSN and naming it something like MASUPS (or whatever you like) because you'll need to configure the Logon tab so that the import can access the data.  Anyway, my point here is that we have found ODBC to be extremely reliable if setup properly.  And, as several others have pointed out, there are many ways to solve this problem.