Year-end alert: New W-2 filing deadlines

The PATH Act includes a new requirement for employers to file their copies of Form W-2, submitted to the Social Security Administration, by 1/31/17. As a result of this change, we strongly encourage you to send W-2 forms to your employees as early in January as possible.  This will allow time to identify and submit W-2 changes to avoid processing fees for corrections.

If you are using Aatrix to process your W-2’s, please be aware that in order to guarantee processing by the official due date, Aatrix has established submission deadlines that precede official government-established due dates to ensure all required processing occurs on a timely basis.

Still manually producing your W-2’s?

Sage partner, Aatrix eFile, saves you time and money by streamlining the tax reporting process.  With Aatrix eFile, no longer are you required to manually print W-2s, stuff them in envelopes, stamp them or bring them to the post office for bulk mailing, and deal with all that paper!  Going paperless has never been easier.  Aatrix offers up to 330 federal and state forms that you can access directly from within your software—forms that look just like the printed government forms.  In many cases, as you launch a government form from your Sage solution, information will prefill allowing you to easily review and make adjustments on-screen.  Once the data is final, you can then print to paper or use one of the efile package offerings from Aatrix. 

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