• Create upload file feature in Web Screen


    We need to create an upload file feature to Web Screen.

    Is there anyone able to help?


  • Issue with current trade debtors list

    I have one customer with various salespersons.

    We do billings on OE module. However, I am unable to print the debtors receivables report to individual salesperson for the specific invoices tagged under them in OE.

    e.g. Customer: Cookies Pte Ltd

    Main salesperson…

  • AR Invoice Entry, error with 'The total distributed net of tax amount cannot be negative.'

    Does anyone has a solution how to key-in a AR Invoice with a billing amount with grant and discount that result in the document total is a zero amount, but with a negative amount at the document total before tax?


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  • Does Sage 300 supports PEPPOL E-Invoicing?

    Hi All,

    As mentioned, does Sage 300 supports sending and receiving electronic invoices and credit memos in the PEPPOL format?

    Thanks and Regards,