Bookmarking your favorite groups, blogs, forums, or even posts, gives you quick access to this content via the Bookmark list in your profile navigation

Page topics on bookmarking a:

  1. Group
  2. Forum
  3. Forum post
  4. Blog
  5. Blog post 
  6. Accessing

1. Bookmarking a group

From the HOME page of a group, click the "Bookmark this group"  button from the list of group options on the right side:

2. Bookmarking a forum

From the group home page, navigate to the Forums → select a forum from the list → click "MORE" (right hand forum options) → "Bookmark this forum".

3. Bookmarking a forum post

From within a Forum, click on the forum post you'd like to view/bookmark, then click  “More” (right hand forum post options) → “Bookmark this forum thread”.


4. Bookmarking a blog

From the group home page, click Blogs → Click "Bookmark this blog" from the right hand blog option buttons.

NOTE: for groups with multiple blogs, please select the blog first, then click "Bookmark this blog".

5. Bookmarking a blog post

From within the Blogs area of a group, click on a Blog post → click "MORE" to view the drop down menu → click "Bookmark this blog post".


6. Accessing your bookmarks

Once you've saved your bookmarks, you can quickly access these favorites through the bookmark icon in the profile navigation at the top right corner of the page.

Click on the Bookmark icon to view a list of your favorite items, sorted by Content (posts), Application (forums or blogs), Group, and User (other members), or you can choose the option to ‘View All”.


By clicking on “View All” you will be taken to your Bookmarks List page, where you can also sort by Content, Applications, Groups, and People.

NOTE: You can also access your Bookmarks List by going to Profile → Bookmarks.