Creating a new post

Once you've joined a group and you see the "+New" post button, you can post to a forum in one of two ways.

1. Post to a forum from the group home page.

From the group home page click the "+ New" button - this will give you a drop down list of all the available forums within that group. Once you've selected the forum you'd like to post to, you will be redirected to the “Create Post” screen. 

2. Post directly to a forum.

From the group home page, click FORUMSSelect your forum → click the "New" button. Your post will be posted to the selected forum. 

3. Creating a Post

Once in the Create post window, you will

  1. First want to select whether your post is a Question (default) or Discussion. Questions will allow for suggested and verified answers - which assist other members in the community. Discussions do not have verified answers. 
  2. Enter the subject of your inquiry  - the site will do a search while you are typing for other similar inquiries and suggest them in case they are already posted and answered. This also reduces duplication and makes it easier for everyone to find the answer to the same question. 
  3. Enter the body of your inquiry
    1. Add as many details as possible to assist other members in better understanding your product and environment. Ex: product version and year Sage 50 US 2019  and environment  Windows 10.
    2. Users will find formatting and inserting options in the Tools bar  (ex: Insert → links, images, code).
  4. Add tags - this will help group your content with like content, and users can search content based on the tags.  This is a free-form field.
  5. Select category / subcategory - these act similar to tags by grouping like content and users can search content based on the tags and categories. (this option is applicable to selected groups).