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Sage South Africa | POPIA compliance certificates and/or questionnaires to be completed

Sage South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Sage”) has taken the following steps in order to become POPIA Ready:

 The process we’re following - practical and effective compliance

Sage  has identified Michalsons ( as experts who are assisting us to  comply with POPIA by following their four-step process (Awareness -> Plan -> Implement -> Review).

Action already taken –

Sage has  developed  a Privacy Hub containing updated Sage POPIA Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, PAIA Manual. We have joined the Michalsons Compliance Programme for Data Protection.

Further measures –

We are currently busy with a gap analysis to determine what implementation actions we need to take from a customer and third party perspective. We have developed a POPIA internal training program for employees and partners alike.

We also have a comprehensive website available that may be able to assist with the questions you have: Sage Legal Information: Know the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Further to the above:

  • If you require us to complete an assessment/questionnaire: Please  send us a copy of your agreement with us and we will share a data protection agreement (DPA) to be signed by both parties.
  • If you require a compliance certificate to confirm Sage is POPIA compliant: We don’t issue compliance certificates, as all relevant obligations are contained in the contract with you, the client/business partner. You will also find answers to your questions here.
  • For specific Privacy related queries contact: [email protected]
  • For specific Legal related queries contact: [email protected]