Sage City turns seven!

As we mark another successful year for Sage City (and in the middle of a pandemic), we’re so grateful for the many conversations you’ve been a part of over the last seven years!  Some quick stats:

  • There have been nearly 40M visits and over 75M total page views.
  • The weekday average of around 55,000 visits and 95,000 page views is up tenfold.
  • Since 2013, there have been over 60,000 new posts and more than 150,000 replies.
  • And most importantly, over 90,000 members have signed up so far.

Each day in Sage City, many new discussions are started and replies given, by customers, partners, and Sage employees.  Sage City has become the single place where members can freely ask technical questions and share their product expertise, allowing all to benefit from the suggested replies, verified answers, and insights provided.  And for that we want to say thanks to all of our fellow citizens for collectively helping Sage City grow from a small city into a major community metropolis.

So far, it’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to the many discussions yet to happen as the community continues to grow and mature. One thing is for sure, we know we couldn’t have had these great conversations and knowledge sharing without all of you!

With sincere gratitude,

Derek (Sage City Mayor)

Jen (Sage City Sheriff)

Marisa (Sage City Architect)

and the entire Sage City Team globally.