Important Notice for Microsoft Email Users (Hotmail, Outlook, MSN)

Less than one minute read time.

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing an issue with digest and notification emails from Sage City being received by users of Microsoft email domains, which include Hotmail, Outlook, and MSN (i.e. [email protected]).  At this time, we do not have an expected resolution date. 

1. If you do not yet have a Sage City account, please use an email provider other than Microsoft when creating a new account to ensure you receive email notifications when posting to the community and the daily/weekly digest, if subscribed.  

2. If you already have a Sage City account and use a Microsoft email domain to log in, we kindly ask that you periodically access the site to check for updates. You can view the latest notifications by clicking on the lightening bolt icon in the top right-hand corner after you have logged in to your account.

3. If you use an email provider other than Microsoft, these email notification issues will not affect you and you can continue to use Sage City as usual. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused and will provide updates as they become available.