How to add or update Credit Cards on the Sage Customer or Partner Portals for North America

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Are you a North American product user and have you received a service plan renewal notice and or a message about an expired credit card? 

The Sage Customer Portal or Partner Portal let you add or update an existing credit card's expiry date and or add a new credit card entirely.  

Note: The primary contact of a client or partner account would need to have a username and password set up first in order to access the credit card details. Portal support can be reached via email at [email protected] (Customer Portal) or [email protected] (Partner Portal). They, as well as, our service teams, can assist with removing old credit cards and updating existing contact persons or addresses on your Sage Account. 

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How to add or update Credit Cards on the Sage Customer Portal

Here are the steps on where to go to update your card once you are logged into the Sage Customer Portal. 

Step 1: On the main page, go to the right side of the ribbon at the top of the page, select My Account > Payment Details, to update credit cards or to Add a New Card


Step 2: The next screen should list any or all credit cards available for edit (only editable by the primary account contact*).

  • See Step 2 of the Partner Portal section below for a walk through of what adding a credit card looks like. The screens are similar.


Step 3: If Updating your card, click Edit on your card selection to view editable fields for the expiry date.


The Sage Customer Portal is used by Sage Customers to access:

  • Product downloads (via the Knowledgebase)
  • Product and payroll updates
  • Patches/hot fixes
  • Product documentation
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Customer Service and Support chat (if offered)
  • Online Support Ticket creation
    • *A valid support plan is necessary in order for access to support 

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How to update Credit Cards on the Sage Partner Portal 

STEP 1: Go to Account Management > either select Update my Cards to change an expiry date or Add a new card



  • When adding a new card you must provide the cardholder's name, the card number, and select the month and year of expiry using the dropdown menu (*note: that you only have up to the year 2028 to select from, this will be extended soon).
  • The update credit card option screens are similar to what we see above in Steps 2 and 3 for the Customer Portal.


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