Happy 5th Birthday, Sage City!

When we started this journey five years ago, we envisioned Sage City being a friendly online “neighborhood,” where the Sage community could collaborate to help each other grow their businesses, find answers to product questions, and gain new business insights.  And indeed, in North America, it has grown to be the single place for Sage customers, partners, and colleagues to not only ask product questions, but also share ideas and knowledge.

In fact, since 2013—thanks to over 80,000 members—we’ve had many great conversations! Sage City went from 5,000 visits each weekday at launch, to nearly 40,000 today! All of which account for the more than 14.5 million visits and 31.3 million page-views we’ve had to date!

Then, in 2016, Sage City was honored to be awarded the Leadership Award for Customer Excellence from Ventana Research!

And just this month, we welcomed 16 additional countries (offering four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese) to our little “neighborhood”—with more to come. 

So far, it’s been an amazing journey and we can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds. As always, we couldn’t have had these great conversations without you. Thank you.

Happy Birthday indeed! Blush

Derek (Sage City Mayor)
Jen (Sage City Sheriff)
and the entire Sage City Team

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