Introduction to Sage City

Available 24/7, Sage City is an online community and the gateway to many Sage resources.  Visit to ask questions and share product experiences, tips, tricks, and suggestions with colleagues as well as industry and product experts.  It's truly the place to help you and others build, support, and learn. 

You don’t have to register to view content on Sage City, but you do need an account to participate. Signing up is easy.  Detailed instructions on how to create an account are available on the Login and Registration tab. You can also contact the Sage City Mayor if you require any assistance at [email protected].

The default language is English. Other available languages are: French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish. Once you create your account, set your language preference.

  • Click the circular “profile” icon in the far-right top navigation bar and choose Profile from the drop-down list.
  • Choose Edit Profile from the right navigation.
  • Scroll down to Language and choose your desired language.
  • Click Save profile

There are several main “areas” to Sage City:

  • Groups: This is where you can ask and answer questions specific to your Sage product..  Simply choose your county from the "Groups" drop down menu, then select your product, and you will be taken to the homepage of that group where you can participate in discussion forums, access training, view resources, and interact with other members.
  • BlogsDiscover insights, ideas, and advice to help propel your business forward. Sage City blogs let you view the latest community content all in one place. Don't forget to comment and provide your thoughts as well!
  • Town HallThis group is for all things Sage City, including how-to's, help documentation, surveys and feedback, and more! 

And don't forget, the only way for a community to truly be successful is if we all actively participate . . . asking questions, sharing answers, and joining discussions, so be sure to get involved today!

Please also be sure to review our full Community Guidelines regarding acceptable behavior and posting.