• Group Mail Merge


    We have created a group from a custom entity.  We then use this to run a mail merge.  The documents are not saved under the custom entity and are not linked in anyway to that entity.  Is there any way of amending this?

    The documents are visible on th…

  • Can I use CRM escalation to send out an email that is currently filed as a communication with it's filed attachment?

    I am using Sage CRM 2020 R1.

    I am using the email manager service to pick up emails and create a communication in CRM. Every email has attachments.

    Depending on some logic, I want to be able to send the email and attachment out to another recipient.

  • RecentList Company information


    We have a client who would like to see a custom field instead of the comp_name (company name) in the RecenList.

    I know we can change the "Recent List" displayed value by using the NameColumn CaptionCode in translation for custom entities…

  • Failed to create Java VM

    "Failed to create Java VM" error appeared when attempting to run a report.


    The “Report Generator Max. Memory” was set too high in Administration > E-mail and Documents > Document and Report configuration.

    I would recommend…

  • Interactive Dashboards only work internally, not externally

    I got a query on the Interactive Dashboards only working internally.

    Solution Details:

    1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager and check the TCP Port and then go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\tomcat\webapps\crmj\WEB-INF and open db.properties…
  • Sub entities

    I had a user ask if it is possible to create a sub-entity of a newly created entity?

    Solution Details:

    It is possible. View the link below:


  • User territory rights

    Problem details

    When I create a case for a company in a particular territory and assign it to a user from a different territory, the user is unable to pick it up.

    Solution Details:

    The easiest option would be to make sure that the ‘Use CreatedBy, AssignedTo…

  • Users are unable to save attachments.

    Problem details:

    Users are unable to save attachments within CRM

    Solution Details:

    I found that the "Physical root directory for mail merged documents" path read "missing from registry".  I inserted the correct path.

  • Screen within the Administration area of CRM, appear briefly before disappearing.

    Problem details

    Screen within the Administration area of CRM, appear briefly before disappearing.

    Solution details

    Ensure that your zoom settings are set to 100% within your browser.

  • Export From CRM to Excel Issue

    We are using Sage CRM 2019 r2 and having an issue trying to export to Excel. 

    Printing to the screen works fine.

    After selecting export to excel a window opens, the windows open a white screen, and nothing else happens.

    If we reboot the server the export…

  • Sorting Graphs in descending order

    Hi everyone.

    I'm wondering if it's possible for us to sort dashboard graphs in descending order.

    I've been told it is not an out the box functionality of Sage CRM but I assumed this to be a standard function? For example, I would like to be…

  • Unexpected error has occurred when creating a new quote within Sage 300

    Problem details

    “Unexpected error has occurred” occurs when clicking on the New Quote button on the Sage 300 integrated web screen for a non-existing Sage 300 customer.


    Solution details

    Within Sage 300 > O/E Options, on the processing tab…

  • Social Media - LinkedIn

    Problem details

    Got a call from one of our partners interested in documentation on social media integration, specifically LinkedIn. The partner could find examples for Facebook and Twitter, however not for LinkedIn.

    Solution Details:
    I explained that…

  • Tasks & Appointments not synchronizing

    Problem Details:

    Version used Sage CRM 2019 R1

    Tasks & Appointments not synchronizing

    Solution or workaround

    There were two things we found:  In IIS Sdata application was giving 404 errors, we resolved the errors by 
    1. The forms authentication was…

  • Chrome updates impacting Sage 300 sign in

    Problem Details:

    Sage CRM 2020 R2 is integrated with Sage 300 ERP 2021 (with PU2).

    Sage 300 2021 PU2 CRM Integration has been installed and synchronizes tables successfully. The issue is that the Sage 300 web screen login appears whenever you create…

  • System Expiry warning settings

    One of our partners recently enquired about disabling the license expiration notification. The notification was displayed for all users every time they logged in, this apparently was causing stress

    I suggested editing the user rights to see the system…

  • Run a report/search of all companies/clients who have not been communicated with from a specific date

    I want to know if it's possible to run a report or run an advanced search to find all companies/clients where my company has not filed a communication in the company record since May 1, 2018. Is this possible to do without writing a SQL code? Is there…

  • Administration screens appear briefly before disappearing

    Problem details

    When entering the Administration area, the screen/panels appear very briefly before disappearing.  The lefthand side menu remains though.


    Check your browser screen settings and ensure that your zoom is set to 100%

  • Setting up email notification for assigned user whenever a new lead is created.

    Hi everyone!

    I am relatively new to Sage CRM, and I am setting up a web to lead form for my client using Sage 300. The web to lead form is working as expected, and it is capturing the leads from the website.

    These are the URLs where I've embedded the…

  • UserActionException,ErrMsg Invalid Integer


    We started having an issue with Sage CRM 2019. Whenever there is an IISRESET or a similar occurrence, we start getting the following error whenever we select a company, select an opportunity, etc: UserActionException,ErrMsg Invalid Integer…

  • Dynamic Selection Lists - Rework

    This post is a revamp post on how to manage linked selection lists (drop downs) in Sage CRM. This was posted before on the CRM community here - https://community.sagecrm.com/partner_community/b/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2008/01/14/dynamic-selection…

  • Email Marketing Analysis - Metrics Overview

    Choosing your metrics is an important decision for your company to make, however you must also keep in mind that many variables come into play that may not be reflected in the figures themselves. This key point was made recently in the blog "Email Marketing…

  • IIS settings required for Sage CRM installation.

    This article is intended for consultants that are not entirely confident with the IIS ( Internet Information Services) settings that are required for a successful Sage CRM installation.

    Sage CRM is a web-based application, and therefore it requires a…

  • Sage 300 and Sage CRM Integration

    We often get queries on what versions of Sage CRM and Sage 300 integrate, would one have to upgrade both products should one be upgraded, etc

    The Compatibility Chart lists not only what versions integrate but also supplies the associated knowledge base…

  • Dear Sales Reps - Is BANT dead?

    I felt compelled to write this blog article based on a fascinating discussion I took part in recently with top German business partners on lead generation and qualification. The question proposed was this:

    Is BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) a…