• How can we copy value of territory field from entry or summary screen to other tab in Company Screen?

    Dear members,

    I am writing this post to ask you about how we can copy value of territory field in one tab to another tab in company screen(i.e: company summary scree). I use sage crm version 7.2.

    In image below describe what I mean:

    On Company Summary…

  • Opportunity Stage button missing

    Somehow I lost the ability to quickly change the Opportunity Stage by clicking onto the next stage in the process. The options would be Qualified, Demo, Negotiating, Quoted, etc. that would appear in the right hand column of the screen below the Current…

  • Statistics for Opportunity Pipeline on My CRM is not updated correctly


    There are 2 issues when displaying the statistics of opportunities on My CRM:

    1. Go to My CRM, click on Opportunities tab, and then the application displayed a list of my opportunities, and "Statistics for All Stage:" box correctly show the statistics…