• Full Dutch language pack available for 2021 R2.2 ?

    Hi all,

    do someone have a complete Dutch language pack to share for Sage CRM 2021 R2 ?

    Thank you very much

    Valérian Di Muzio

  • Quick Notifications use the caption code instead of the translation itself

    I've set up a quick notification in the opportunity entity to notify users when a forecast of an opportunity has a certain value.

    Unfortunately, the notification uses the caption code instead of the actual translation. The system we use is based on…

  • Lead conversion extension

    I swear there used to be an article years ago on the old blog that showed how you could extend leads to include a mobile phone and get them to copy over to the person when you linked the lead to a person. I am positive it was done with translations. Or…

  • Translations

    I have created a new entity and I need to alter the name using translations. I can get almost all, but ones that always elude me are the ones where you right click on Customise in Administration and you can see the entity names there. Which translations…

  • Link_CompAddr and Link_PersAddr won't disappear

    Hi there everyone,

    I tried to remove the address type for companies and person because it was not needed.

    I removed the relevant translations for all of it and it worked but now it says Link_PersAddr in the person entry screen and Link_CompAddr in the…

  • Importing Lookup items / translations periodically ???


    I'd like to maintain a lookup value list that should be linked with an external database.

    We have decided to use a SQL Job that will insert new items and update translations for the existing ones in the custom_captions table.

    Problem is : updates…

  • Tags Inside Translations on Field Names - Ugly in Reports

    We have the need to put some html tags inside a column header translation (for example: <a href='www...'>Company Name</a>) because we want this to show up anywhere that field is present (screens, lists, dashboard etc). It works quite well except that…

  • alignment from left to right?????


    How can i make sage crm alignment from left to right permanent coz when i convert it to left to right alignment when i logged it auto convert from right to left

    IE 9 :/

  • CRM 7.1 SP2: Translate products?


    is it possible to translate the product name in CRM ?

    I can translate the Product Family, the Unit of Measure Family, but what about the product name?