• Editing Opportunity Status

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some advice regarding amending stages and statuses for opportunities and leads.

    When a sales rep clicks on 'Change' on the summary screen of an opportuntiy, the only section that is editable is the Details section…

  • vCommunication - Show unique/distinct Comm_CommunicationID

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I could not find it, if it exists.

    In a lead, under communications, if a user has filled in a recepient, a CC and a BCC, there will be 3 records in the CommunicationLeadList

    Is there a way to only show…

  • Validate script -- stopped working??

    I have a field that is being used in a calculation.  In order to get the calculation right, the numeric value entered must not contain a comma.  Therefore, I want the user to enter 11000 rather than 11,000.

    Therefore, I put the following validate script…

  • Error when click on continue button in Lead screen.


    I searched a lead and selected one from the result. Lead screen appears and then clicked 'Change' to edit and saved successfully. Upon clicking 'Continue' button the page shows an error as follows. The url is http://{server name}/CRM/CustomPages/…

  • Sage CRM 2018 R3 Issues with Lead Add or Find this Company when Deduplication is set to Yes

    When working with a Lead record and matching a company to the Lead via the Add or Find this Company button. The system is supposed to open a pop up that displays a list of potential company matches, which you can select from, and everything happens within…

  • Lead Workflow Escalation Rule

    I am trying to automatically change the stage of a lead based off the last time the lead was communicated with. I have tested this WHERE clause in SQL directly and it works, but for some reason it wont fire in CRM. Any ideas?

    Lead_Status='In Progress…

  • Filing Emails to a Lead using CRM Outlook Plugin (7.2e)


    I'm looking to be able to file emails using the CRM Outlook Plugin against Leads, I understand that there has been a workaround available in previous versions - See Link: https://community.sagecrm.com/user_community/b/sage_crm_news/archive/2010…

  • Error on Report with 2 Views combined

    Non-admin users are getting a SQL error when running a report that combines company and lead address info. I am getting an 'Invalid Column name' 'lead_secterr' error in the SQL log, but that field is in the view. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in…

  • Clarification on Leads versus Person entries

    Currently when we receive requests for information via webforms, we import these as Person profiles. Would these be better off (or more logically) imported as Leads instead?

    In an effort to maximize our marketing efforts, what would be the best or recommended…

  • Unmatch Company/Person from a Lead

    Is it possible to add a button/link to the Lead screen which will "unmatch" a Company or Person from the Lead?

    It is possible to do by editing the record, saving it with a new Comapny, clicking the "Add or Find this Company link" and selecting…

  • Creating a new button when Lead summary screen in Edit Mode

    Hi Everyone !

    i read an article (https://community.sagecrm.com/developerhelp/Content/Developer/CB_CreatingButtonGroups.htm) which is well explained that how can we add a custom button in button group . But what i want is to add my custom button in Lead…

  • Issues on Updating Lead AssignedId field on Workflow Progress screen, and run SQL query from Sage CRM properly

    I wrote a SQL query to evenly distribute leads to the user. The query runs perfectly on SQL Server, but not Sage CRM 7.1SP2. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

    The query is below. Here is what I did ,and got the SQL errors. The expected result is when the…

  • Lead value on Opportunity Summary screen

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if there was a way to pull the Lead_Source field onto the opportunity summary page?

    I would like to use this value to alert users of specific information.



  • Phone numbers and email addresses from lead to company

    By default the business number and email address will copy to the business phone number and person business email field when a lead converts. I am sure this is handled with translations, but I cannot find annything about it. If I had mobile on the lead…

  • Combining First and last names in leads


    I see in the lead fields that there is a column lead_personfullname. I would like to use this for the lead find and MyCRM -> lead screens. However I do not see this field as an option to choose and add to the screens. I thought I might combine…

  • Remove leads after converted to an opportunity?


    We have a requirement that the salespeople no longer have leads show up on the find screen after they have been converted to an opportunity. My thought was to create a script perhaps on the opp screen create script to set the lead_deleted field…

  • Lead to Opportunity - Amending Opportunity Fields at Conversion

    Hi All,

    I have a field oppo_stage which refers to the current stage of the opportunity e.g. fact find, first stage meetings etc. I'm struggling to find where I can Set Field Value when it comes to converting a Lead to an Opportunity? I have looked through…

  • Lead Address, lead_companyaddress and Persons addresses

    When one of our users enters a Lead and then converts it into an Opportunity, the address (lead_companyAddressX) goes to the Company and the user has to enter the (often same) address for the Person record. Can you have lead_CompanyPersonAddress and have…

  • add link image to panel or screen


    How can i do this in .net SDK i try but not work

  • Sage CRM CloudCall - Be part of the SYNETY Partner Network

    Partner Account Manager of an extremely exciting, cutting edge cloud services software company. SYNETY CloudCall enhances your existing Cloud Services by integrating voice communications.

    SYNETY provides CloudCall Partners and their customers fantastic…

  • "Click to Call" from Sage CRM - Start your 14 Day FREE Trial

  • Convert to Opportunity - Locks Lead from editing


    Our Sage Site has an option to convert a lead to an opportunity. When we do this, it locks the Leads records from editing.


    Can this be changed?

    If so How?

    What are the implications of making this change?



  • Sage Web Services Using PHP SOAP

    I am using php SOAP to post lead data to SAGE CRM, the record get created but contains empty values. For some unknown reason my xml packet is being ignored.

    The SAGE documentation does not give an xml example for adding record (addrecord) to the CRM.…

  • Alternate way of submitting web to lead data?

    Greetings all,

    A little background before jumping in. We have a wordpress site that uses gravity forms to submit our Quote requests and it sends an email to a pre-defined list of recipients. We now would like upon submission to have the data in the forms…