• Export From CRM to Excel Issue

    We are using Sage CRM 2019 r2 and having an issue trying to export to Excel. 

    Printing to the screen works fine.

    After selecting export to excel a window opens, the windows open a white screen, and nothing else happens.

    If we reboot the server the export…

  • Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Double)


    I crated a new View in the Customer entity where I needed to extract Sales information from Sage300.

    The view is created in CRM and a "Select * from" that view executes without errors in SSMS (SQL Management Studio).

    When trying to execute…

  • Set Dynamic Selection on Select Box

    Hi All,

    how do I set dynamic selection for Assigned to field on Create new case form?

    For example, When I select Team "Logistic", 'Assigned To' field should only shows the users from Logistic Team only. 

    Thank you.

  • Problem Installing Sage CRM 2019 R2

    Hi all,

    I have problem installing sage CRM on my laptop. After installation, this message pop up.


    Then my colleague help me to configure the url rewriter and other thing and reinstall the application. the message box is gone but the web page still have…