• Lists

    Hola, buenos días.

    He actualizado de la versión 2020R2 a la versión 2022R2 y las listas no se adaptan a la pantalla del explorador, ¿Hay algún truco para hacerlo?, porque la verdad es un desastre...


  • How to populate the opportunities list on load from My CRM

    Help please!  I believe there is a way to do this.  However, I have forgotten how.

    When you open a list from My CRM, nothing appears on the list until you hit the filter button.  Is there a way to get the system to load the data automatically without having…

  • List page and date/time fields - Not displaying the correct time for the user.

    I am having an issue with a list page and I am wondering if this is just how the system works or if there is something that I am not doing correctly on the page.  I have a situation where the user is in a different time zone than the company that they…

  • List - Control the column width

    Is it possible to adjust the display width of a list page?  I have the following list page and I would prefer that the Reference number did not "wrap" to the next line.  Is there a way to force this column to always default to a fixed width?

  • Communications notes and emails

    In the communications table we have comm_note and comm_email. If the comm type is email, the details go into comm_email otherwise it goes into comm_note. All well and good. A customer of mine has a good reason to want to see the notes in a list. The communication…

  • CRM Lists With No Meta Data - Full Column Object Properties / Methods List

    If someone could point me in the right direction I would be really grateful.

    As the subject suggests I am currently building a CRM List Object within an ASP page which does not reference Metadata. The list itself is working and returning the data as…

  • Issue with .NET CRM List Web Class Implementation

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm having an issue with the .NET Web Class. I have created my page and it is doisplaying the data, but the CRM List that I have added is not displaying correctly with the pagination. I have used the following to create the instance of the…

  • Still on custom screen building but help to convert Javascript to jQuery syntax


    If anyone has been following my journey to create a list screen with editable checkboxes in aprevious thread, you'll know I've hit a few issues. The basic page works, pretty much how I want it. I have to click the buttons twice to make the page submit…

  • Export to Excel from a List in .Net


    I need to export a list from a custom entity. The custom entity's list page was generated using .net (RunListPage).

    I found an example on the community on how to do this with an asp page. However, I cannot find any assistance in doing this…

  • add Export List functionality

    I have a list that is being shown using a block. The list has a filterscreen created. This all works fine. List displays, filters etc.

    I try to add a button to the screen using crm.addButton and I get a javascript response of button added but button…

  • Filter Box added to custom list page

    I have a .net class that displays a list of opportunities for all company ids in a list.

    This works perfectly.

    However, I would like to add the default opportunity filter box to the screen as well. What the heck am I missing? No matter what I try I just…

  • Hiding People in Company People list with status of Inactive/Archive

    Deletion is not an option. There are historical communications, meetings, etc that may need to be reviewed.

    How can we hide the Inactive/Archive (or on or the other) from every list in the stupid system. How is this not a default behavior.

    I'm fully…