Sage CRM 2022 R2 upgrade - Errors encountered -- Is this a bug??

I am currently in the middle of a Sage CRM 2022 R2 upgrade from Sage CRM 2021 R1.  As I am running through the upgrade, the following error appeared.

This is an odd message because the file is located where the system is trying to access it from.  Anyway, I am able to review the error.  Below is a screenshot of the error...

Based on the above screenshot, the error appears to indicate that the following SQL statement was not able to run...indicating that a NULL value cannot be inserted into the field bord_caption.  bord_caption is completely missing from the insert.

INSERT INTO Custom_Tables(Bord_Name,Bord_System,bord_CreatedBy,bord_CreatedDate,bord_UpdatedDate,bord_TimeStamp,bord_Component) VALUES (N'ConsentManagement',N'Y',-1,'20220921 22:52:40','20220921 22:52:40','20220921 22:52:40',NULL)

I have run the following insert statement to resolve the issue by adding the bord_caption.  The insert statement ran without issue.

INSERT INTO Custom_Tables(Bord_Name,Bord_System,bord_CreatedBy,bord_CreatedDate,bord_UpdatedDate,bord_TimeStamp,bord_Component, bord_caption) VALUES (N'ConsentManagement',N'Y',-1,'20220921 22:52:40','20220921 22:52:40','20220921 22:52:40', NULL, N'ConsentManagement')

Can some confirm that this is the correct solution for this issue??  Anybody else run into this issue, I am running the latest download .. 2022 R2.

Any assistance or feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • I'm jealous - 2022 R2 isn't avaliable yet for me to download :( (looking at

    I have seen this in the past with other tables, if you're doing it in a test environment, you could adjust the database first and remove the 'Null not allow' flag on the table master key field, then do the upgrade and see what it is actually doing. 

    I think though looking at the script you're upgrading a system that once existing before 7.2? and uses the SQL_Idtentities table to get the next ID and the upgrade isn't taking that into consideration and so failing to insert a new row in the table. do the above and then you could manually input the next ID (and upgrade the SQL_Identities table) 

  • Patience, Matthew.  You will never be a Jedi.  I think the UKI Launch is coming on 27th September - same as the conference.

  • Matthew:  It does not show as available in the North America download area either.  There is a 2022 R2 patch that is there ... but no other reference to a 2022 download which I thought was weird.  However, I had the same issue when 2021 was released.  I could not locate it in the partner download area.

    I have a couple of 2021 installs that want to upgrade so I am working through it.  Prior to doing the upgrade, I wanted to review the 2022 upgrade guide.  That is how I found the download.  Through a knowledge base search for the upgrade guide, I came across a knowledge base post on how to download it.

    I know that Sage North America sent an email out to customers that it is available as a client I work with forwarded it to me.  Therefore, I was suprised to only see the "patch" available.  I was a bit leary to use that one...but perhaps I should have.

    In regards to the installation, there appears to be an issue with Apache Tomcat that I am attempting to work through.  During install, I get a message that the URL rewriter may not be working correctly...but I think that is because Apache Tomcat is not working correctly.

    Working through some troubleshooting so hoping I can come up with a resolution.  :-)