Recent update to Microsoft Edge affecting Chrome browser?

Hoping someone can assist.  We have a client system where one user is experiencing issues in Sage CRM.  However, no other users in the organization are experiencing issues.  The issue is that the screen appears to be freezing in some way.  When the issue happens, they cannot click some of the buttons on the screen.

The two most recent issues involved an Opportunity.  One was during the creation of an opportuity, the user was not able to click the Save or Cancel button.  However, it appeared that they would be able to click the Help button.

They were also not able to click or select, the buttons in the upper right hand corner of the screen (ie...Recent List, Profile Menu, etc) either.

To resolve the issue, the user clicked the X in the upper right hand corner to exit CRM and then reenter the system.  When they reentered the system, they were able to succuessfully reenter the opportunity data and save it.

Another time, they were in the process of attempting to save an opportunity.  However, after they made some modifiations, the Save button was again unavailable.

Has anyone else recently experienced this type of behavior and if so, how did you resolve it?  There does not appear to be any kind of consistency in how this occures.

There is nothing in the logs because nothing is being commited to the system, the buttons just are not clickable.

I reviewed the users system and discovered that Microsoft Edge was updated shortly before this user started having issues.

THerefore, I am wondering if the update reset something in Chrome.  However, I am not sure what to check.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!