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I noticed when we are under a company profile in Sage CRM and click the communications tab - it's empty. Our filters were set to pending and I managed to figure out how to change them from pending to all (I have ZERO coding experience and SAGE CRM requiring so much back-end coding experience to change something that simple is kind of crazy to me - or we get charged $80 minimum just to answer a very quick 5 second question about how to do something.. its very frustrating as a non-profit having to use such a non-user friendly program) ANYHOW my issue now is that it's STILL not populating the communications without hitting the filter button on the side. We have some VERY not tech-savvy individuals - is there a way to change it so that the communications tab when clicked automatically populates all communications without having to click the small "filter" button off to the right side? if it requires more coding like DefaultValue = "All" to be input in a particular spot - could you please provide me with the code that would be required and precisely what box I put said code into?



  • Slightly different to the video, I do this on every system, it's similar

    1. Go to Administration  | Customisation | Communication | Screens > Communication Filter Box

    2. Highlight 'Status' in the list on the left and Cut the text in the CreateScript (will be saying DefaultValue="Pending")

    3. Click on Update and then Save (the field should now be empty)  

    4. Click into the screen called Custom Communication Detail Box

    5. Click on Status in the list

    6. Paste in the CreateScript the text you had cut from elsewhere (or just type DefaultValue="Pending";)

    7. Click on Update, and then Save 

    8. Click on the tab called Fields and find the Status field

    9. Change the Default to 'blank'

    10. Click on Save

    By adjusting the script at step 6. You tell CRM to default the Status field to 'Pending' when creating a new communication, but removing the script at step 2 and adjusting the field default value at point 9. You enable the field to filter by 'All' (if you forget step 9, the field in the filter will still default to 'Pending') 

  • I figured out how to add the status field to that and now it's working! Thank you so much!!!!

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