Rectangle Pipeline Issue


we have an issue with the rectangle pipeline in that the stages shown in the tiles do not match the stages setup

when clicking into one of the incorrectly label tiles it filters correctly to the stage that should be displayed but label in the tile still displays incorrectly, also looks like there is an issue with the no of opportunities its displaying - in the example above it shows there are 9 opportunities but only displays 1

Using the cylinder pipeline this all work correctly

Has anyone come across any issues like this and if so please could you provide the fix

Much appreciated

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  • sorry for the late reply, only just got round to taking a look again, ive ran a sql trace one both pipelines and they both seem to generate the same sql queries that i can see apart from that on the new pipeline it looks like its generating an additional bit of sql:

    SELECT AVG(Capt_Order) Qry_Order, Oppo_Stage Qry_Stage FROM vListOpportunity LEFT JOIN Custom_Captions ON Oppo_Stage = Capt_Code WHERE (UPPER(RTRIM(Capt_Family)) = UPPER(RTRIM('Oppo_Stage')) OR Oppo_Stage IS NULL) GROUP BY Oppo_Stage UNION select AVG(Capt_Order) Qry_Order, Capt_Code Qry_Stage FROM Custom_Captions LEFT JOIN vListOpportunity ON Oppo_Stage = Capt_Code WHERE Capt_Deleted IS NULL AND UPPER(RTRIM(Capt_Family)) = UPPER(RTRIM('Oppo_Stage')) GROUP BY Capt_Code ORDER BY 1

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