Lead Status "In Progress" Code


Does anyone know the proper syntax to reference the "In Progress" value in the leads table under leads status? When referenced as "In Progress"; how it appears, it does not function properly within setting the filter defaults nor within other written code.

Perhaps it's "In_Progress"? 



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  • For SQL (e.g. Execute SQL Statement on Workflows/Escalation Rules, or SQL Triggers) I've never had a problem finding/Reading or writing this data. 

    The only thing to watch out for if you're using 'Execute SQL Statement' on Workflow/Escalations (not sure if it has been addressed) is that the script you write in there MUST be written on a single line (even though within the box it'll word wrap) i.e. do not press enter to go onto the new line. 

    We have found in the past if you include a carriage return within the box then whatever is in there never works.