Help with email Templates from outside of Sage crm. crm email editor changing the template.

My company uses Bee pro email template maker.  when I export (copy) the code from Bee and add it as code to the new template, the CRM editor butchers the template.  Color of font can be wrong as well as placement of pictures and other content.  certain items can be re-justified or corrected while others can not.  

This is driving me nuts.  Please HELP!

Before                                                 After


  • I assume that you have exported the HTML from the Beepro template and then dropped this into the source of a CRM template?

    I've just tried this and I can see that the HTML does get changed.

    I used a tool like to compare the version of the code from Beepro and then the code once it was saved in a CRM editor.  There were 209 points of difference in the example I used.

    I had a look at the HTML copied from Beepro using an online Validator.

    And then looked at the code from the CRM version.  In my case the Beepro HTML was assessed to have 436 errors vs the CRM HTML having 321 errors.  It looks like the CRM editor is trying to parse the HTML dropped in from Beepro.    

    Note:  Most of the 'errors' are just the validator objective to the use of strange XML designed for Outlook to understand or the use of deprecated attributes in tables such as cellpadding. 

  • Thank you for replying and yes you are correct in your assumption.  Is there any way to "fix" this? 

  • If you are using Mailchimp for your bulk emailing then the good news is that you can push the template to Mailchimp.  And then drive your campaigns in Sage CRM to use that new Mailchimp template.

    I don't know an easy 'fix' for the the way in which the HTML is changed when parsed by Sage CRM's email screen.