Can I use CRM escalation to send out an email that is currently filed as a communication with it's filed attachment?

I am using Sage CRM 2020 R1.

I am using the email manager service to pick up emails and create a communication in CRM. Every email has attachments.

Depending on some logic, I want to be able to send the email and attachment out to another recipient.

I am wondering if using escalations is an option for me.

I understand how to create an escalation based on the vCommunication view but I don't know if there is any way to tell CRM to include the file attachments.

Has anyone ever done this before and how?


  • Hi John

    The simple answer is 'No', you can't get a CRM Escalation Rule to dynamically pick up a file and email it out. All you could here is send them an email to let them know a communication has been filed and it has an attachment. 

    I also don't know the Email Manager well enough to say if you can amend the script to forward out any emails it processes 

  • Thanks Matthew - That is the answer I expected but I hoped for something else.  In the meantime I wrote a .NET console application that monitors these specific communications and sends out the emails with their attachments.

    Originally we tried modifying the Email Manager script to use CDOSYS to send out the email with attachments after creating the communication in CRM, and this worked initially, but after some amount of time the CRM AppPool would start failing and require a recycle which would kick out all of the CRM users so we had to find another solution.

    The .NET application runs outside of CRM and does not rely on IIS.