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We are looking at creating a yearly forecasting report within CRM 2022.

Following the online documentation we can see that:

However, when I navigate there within the CRM there doesn't appear to be that option?

Nor can I find the place to enable this within the administrative settings. Does anyone have any idea what we should be looking for? If we could create a report through the native report builder that would allow us to forecast that would work as well.


  • In order to enable forecasting rights for a user, you will want to visit the Administration area as follows:


    Find your user

    When you are on the User Details Screen, there is a block on the screen named "Security".  Within that block, you will want to modify the "Forecast RIghts" field.  It is proobably currently set to No Access.  Update this field to the type of access you would like to grant by clicking the "Change" button.  Once your selections are made, click the Save button to commit your changes to the database.

    You may also want to make changes in the "More User Details" block for Forecasting Reports and Forecasting Currency.

    I hope this helps!

  • I found the options you are talking about, but it still doesn't make the forecast tab appear. Any thoughts on that?

  • Check to see if your system has been customised - go to Administration | Adv. Customisation | System Menus | User

    In here make sure Forecasts is a tab and there is nothing in the SQL field on right hand side. 

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