Problem installing Sage CRM-it is using port 4433 instead of 80

Hi all,

on my server, I have existing web application of Sage 300(port 80: OAuth:4433), Sage 200(port 10445,10080,10443,10082,10444), SEI(port 81), and more web applications using different ports (8083,82).

Today I am installing Sage CRM, the outcome is a bit different that expected.

Instead of installed in port 80, it is installed in port 4433 by default. So my url have to be https://localhost:4433/CRM2021, which is working fine.

However, it have a lot of health problems.

I know the root problem is URL Rewrite. I have tried reinstall and checked IIS Aliases but it did not fix anything. 

The SData is working fine if I try to access from Postman using url https://localhost:4433/sdata/CRM2021j/sagecrm2/-/Lead , notice the port have to be 4433

I believe there should be a setting to change the port for SData but have not found yet. Anyone knows where it is, so I can redirect the SData in CRM web app to this port, and solve the system health problem