Programmatically Trigger Sync from Sage CRM to Sage 300

We have a custom Sage CRM .NET DLL component that takes data from an external system and updates existing address records in Sage CRM.  This was built with the Sage CRM SDK.  This Sage CRM installation is also configured with an integration with Sage 300.  When Sage 300 address types are edited via the CRM screens, those data changes flow into Sage 300.  When our Sage CRM .NET DLL component updates Address records with Sage 300 address types via the API, those changes are NOT flowing into Sage 300.

How can we trigger a data sync from Sage CRM to Sage 300 when we programmatically update an address that has a Sage 300 address type?

  • It sounds like the Sage 300 addresses are updated from a table script.  These scripts are fired when CRMRecord.SaveChanges() is used to update the database.  If the CRMRecord.SaveChangesNoTLS() method or if a CRMQuery object is used then the table script won't be fired.

    Do you have access to the .Net DLL code?

  • Yes, we have access to the .NET DLL code.  It is using FindRecord() to retrieve the Address record, then invokes record.SetField() to update the address attributes finally invoking record.SaveChanges().

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