An unexpected problem has occurred. Please try again or contact your administrator for assistance accessing quotes or orders in CRM

Hi there.

Have an issue with the above message when accessing quotes or orders via opportunity in CRM
They are on 2018 R3

I have gone in and re-entered the pw under administration> user> Sage access in CRM. It sorted the issue for the user with the exception of one site.
This specific site does have special characters so not sure if that is still an issue nowadays.

Any ideas?



  • I'm not used to that particular looking error screen, what ERP system is the CRM linked to? 

  • Sorry I can't help, it doesn't look like a standard CRM or Sage 200 error, so it must be related in someway directly with the Sage 300 integration in some way. 

  • First obvious questions. Have you got the latest PU available installed for 300 that will work with 2018R3?

    I assume you have... so, when you say the site has special characters what do you mean?

    The integration is not easy to trace issues because the logging provided with it is a bit rubbish. When it comes to passwords, when changing passwords for the CRM user in CRM that is created when you install the integration, make sure the password is set with upper case letters. Go and run the workstation setup and set the password for that user in Sage desktop. For each user that is configured to access Sage 300, I assume they're using the ADMIN user to connect to Sage? Please again make sure that the password on the more user details section is added in upper case.

    Once you have confirmed that, I would then like to know if this issue affects all users or just some or just one? If you know how to use SQL profiler, that would be worthwhile running a SQL trace against the CRM system AND the affected Sage database to see what is being issued to the database. Have you restarted IIS to let the integration restart?