Create script in lists


i have some code which works when adding to a fields creates script on on search or entry screens but adding the same code on the field create script box on lists doesnt seem to work

client has a requirement to change the name of the field based on the logged on users security profile - here is the code:

if (CRM.GetContextInfo("user","user_territoryprofile")=="10")
crm.fields("oppo_forecast").caption('Potential Invesment');

works fine on screens but not on lists-  any ideas?

  • Don't believe there is any official API for this, you will need to do something like

    $("td[colname='oppo_forecast']").text("Potential Investment");

    in the custom content.

  • The clientside API doesn't work in createscripts because createscripts run server side before the page is built. Using the clientside API even if you put it in the custom content, won't work because it needs the field to have an ID and grid column headings for whatever reason, don't have an ID. Use the method suggested in a custom content script.