Syntax for Entity Find Screen

I need some assistance in EXCLUDING records in a find screen.

When using the find screen to find a company based on their name, I can use % as a wildcard to find text to include in the name.

However, how do I EXCLUDE text in the name.

If I only wanted companies with test in their name, I can get the correct results by entering %test% in the name field.

However, how do I get the opposite of that?  I want to see all companies that do not contain test in the name.

In the help area, it indicates that you can use a minus sign.  However, it appears that you might need to have two words to make that work.

ie software -services

It does not appear that just -services will work.

I tried -test and -test- and got no records returned.  I am looking for all records that does not include test in the name.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • This is where Keyword Search is needed, here you can use the usual Google / Amazon style search tools. Clicking on the ? opens up the tips on how to use it

  • Use the advanced find. It has the correct search operators.

    1. Choose Advanced Find
    2. Choose Company from the Entity drop down and Company Name from the Field Name and click Add
    3. It appears in the list
    4. Set the operator to Does not contain
    5. Set your value
    6. Click Find

    You can stack up multiple fields and set the bracketing correctly with the right AND/OR selection and you can get some quite complicated searches.