Data export - html emails


I need to export the communications from our CRM; since we have Tableau linked to Sage, I grab the data from Tableau. However, the html communications are just coming over as an html block, unless they're very short.

Can someone tell me how I can get those html emails? My IT manager is assisting me, but said he couldn't find a table for them.

I appreciate the help, thank you!

  • Hi Robyn

    Not sure what you're looking for, but the body of an email is held in the Communications table in the column comm_email with all the html coding with it. 

    WIth data in it looking something like this 

    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=utf-8"><html><head>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <body dir="auto">
    <div dir="auto">This is a second email</div>
    <div dir="auto"><br>
    <div dir="auto"><br>
    <div dir="auto"><br>
    <div id="composer_signature" dir="auto">
    <div style="font-size:85%;color:#575757" dir="auto">Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2</div>
    <div dir="auto"><br>

  • Hi Matthew,

    that helps. I wondered if there was another table somewhere.

    In that case, I'd guess because we're exporting our data into excel via Tableau, that field is truncated, especially in email chains, and showing nothing BUT a short block of html coding.  

    What's the best way for me to get the full email out? Obviously not the way I'm doing it. 

    Thank you!

  • Hi Robyn

    There are no other tables involved here if you're looking for the body of the email. Communications are all held in the one table (Communication) - though CommLink is used to link the communication to other records within CRM like the company, person, user etc.

    SELECT comm_datetime, comm_subject, comm_from, comm_to, comm_replyto, comm_email
    FROM Communication
    WHERE comm_action IN ('emailin','emailout')

  • Nice, thank you! I've sent that to my IT guy.

  • My IT guy pulled the Communications field using SQL Management Studio and still only got the truncated html data. Thanks for all your help, Matthew, but we're faced with the same issue.