Selecting a record based on an incoming phone call.

Does anyone have details of a phone system that allows the user to 'select' a Company, Person or Opportunity based on the incoming phone number that will move Sage CRM to the selected record within the users open CRM session.

Many thanks for any possible solutions!!

  • If I recall, the CTI integration out of the box only worked with a couple of systems which are probably no longer in existence these days. What you needed to do was get a 3rd party module that allowed CRM to work with a standard TAPI stream for many systems. The problem with TAPI is that it is supposed to be a standard but sadly everyone seems to have a different standard of TAPI with their systems in my experience. You need to look at getting QGate's intelli-CTi although looking at their website now they're called QWare. If you can't get a VOIP system to connect to Sage CRM using this software, then I'd walk away from it

  • And I have used QGate's (sorry QWare's) software on a couple of projects in the past where CTI was required and it works. It isn't cheap but you get what you pay for. Enbu used to have a CTI wrapper for CRM but I don't think they're still going any more. I assume Gretrix bought them out so you could check out Greytrix's site. I've not used that though.

  • We developed our own integration with 3CX and Horizon (We are a Gamma and 3CX partner) and have customers successfully running Mitel systems with Xarios.
    You are right , QGates offering was extortionate 

  • have you 'productised' the integration?  If it is something that other partners can use we can put it either here: or get it listed on the Marketplace

  • Hi Sean, All they want is when an incoming call rings, they have a lookup on screen that is automatically populated based on the phone number (checks for company, person and a number stored against an opportunity) and when 'clicked' moves them to the record n CRM so they can enter a communication whilst talking!! 
    Dial out, would just use the 'tel' hyperlink as they are already on the correct record in CRM...
    Not complex but something more sites are looking for!!