Maximum number of pipeline stages

With the current cylindrical pipeline there is a limit to the number of stages that can be displayed (I believe 20).

Does anyone know if that is increased with the new rectangular one in 2021R2?


  • I’ve managed this for a customer having 20+ stages for cases

    Try this, just change a param on custom_sysparms and the refresh metadata

    You can check the current value whit this query:

    select * from Custom_SysParams where parm_name = 'MaxPipeLineStages'


    And Update to 30 states with this query:

    update Custom_SysParams set parm_value = '30' where parm_name = 'MaxPipeLineStages'


    It worked for me with versions as old as CRM 2018.

    Note: Be very careful updating values directly on database, backup it previously!!!

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