Need to update Exchange Server Settings for MS Office 365

How do you change the Exchange Server settings?  (It's an ancient version 7.3 SP1)

Logged in as Admin, select

administration -> email and documents --> exchange server integration

There isn't a 'change' option on the screen, only "Continue"

When I select Synchronization Management, Disable, it spins and never seems to 'disable'

Stopped the CRM Exchange Integration Server to see if that would allow me to disable the "Synchronization Management" and it had not effect.

Do I need to directly edit the SQL tables?

  • Hi MyGoodness

    What is being changed? if you are pointing it to a new Exchange Server, does the 'new' server fall under the supported versions of Exchange for the version of CRM they have? 

    But yes depending on what it is you need to change, you might need to do a edits in the SQL table for it

  • Thank you, @matthewShaw for your reply.  Good question, I'll check the compatibility.  They moved to MS Office 365, it may not be for the age of their version.  It still bugs me that I can't edit the exchange server information and only see a 'continue' link.  :)

  • Some things you can edit (just make sure you disable the integration first so that you can) like the password etc. Just remember to Enable the integration afterwards. 

    But the location of the Exchange Server itself you can't edit through CRM, you have to either do a SQL edit, or delete the integration and configure a whole new one.