MailChimp Audiences

Does anybody have any experiences of integrating Sage CRM with different MailChimp audiences?  I know that the integration is designed to work with one audience but this is a bit of a blunt instrument.  If a contact unsubscribes from a mailing then they have effectively unsubscribed from that audience, meaning that you can't send them anything else at all.  My client has consents for different types of e-mails so requires the ability to unsubscribe from them individually.

Incidentally, did you know that if you have more than one consent for a person then the Consented Persons view disappears from the drop down in groups?  Crazy...

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Guy,
    We ended up writing our own integration because of the blanket unsubscribe.
    A single audience isn't necessarily a bad thing though. We built it around the MailChimp Groups functionality, allowing subscribers to manage their group choices. So they could be part of Event Invitations Group or receive Legislation Updates, but not Membership News.

    We also integrated Sage CRM with Wordpress Gravity Forms API to manage the whole sign up process.

    The API's are quite easy to work with.


  • You can't out of of the box as part of the integration settings only allows you to enter the ID for one audience. you would need to look at development or possibly another eMarketing company (e.g. Spotler) though I can't promise that allows you any more