Sage CRM Import Lead Issue

I think I have run into an issue with importing Leads to Sage CRM. I am trying to import leads and assign them to Susan Maye. I have uploaded them and told the Upload Configuration to assign to Susan. It did not. I then created an ‘Assign_to’ field in the spreadsheet and tried to map the field. It did not. Neither upload method populated the field. Please see screenshots below.

I wasn’t able to find anything in Sage City nor the KB.

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  • 78441508327527 will be incorrect, you're not looking for her SID number, but her user_userid number as per the user table, I can't remember the demo data off the top of my head but will be a 2 digit number at most. 

    You can then import against this, SID is a 'session ID' not a user ID so the import wont understand it. 

    I have used this concept before for live imports, importing the user's ID to the lead_assigneduserid, making sure I select that is the option I using as well in the mapping options

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