Editing Billing Address Dialogue Box Not Populating


I am experiencing an issue when attempting to edit a shipping or billing address. When clicking on the linked text a dialogue box usually appears that lets us edit the addresses. When we select the link now on two machines that are using Google Chrome. Nothing pops up, when opening the console in Google Chrome we get this error:

Any thoughts?



  • I still am having this issue here. Is there anyone that is able to help?

  • Does that JS file actually exist within the CRM install ? anywhere ?

  • This is nothing specifically to do with CRM or anything it might be integrated with. It's a (very recent) change in Chrome (and by extension any browsers built on Chrome, like Edge). I think it's being treated as a bug because it's breaking things, and it'll have been a recent Chrome update that's broken things for you.

    If I may be permitted to get technical for a moment....

    Up until *very* recently, the open() function of the JavaScript Window object was able to take four parameters, although the fourth one hasn't really been in use for a long time. It's not necessary to pass the fourth parameter (in fact, you don't need to pass any of them). Here's an example of opening a popup window (and you can play along by by issuing this as a command in your Chrome console):

    window.open("https://www.sage.co.uk", "Test", "height=10,titlebar=no");

    That works just fine and opens the Sage website in its own window as you'd expect.

    Now - I'm going to send in the fourth parameter ('true'):

    window.open("https://www.sage.co.uk", "Test", "height=10,titlebar=no", true);

    This still works - in that my popup window opens without any problems, but if you try it in the console you'll probably get an error:

    "A boolean is being passed as a fourth parameter to window.open. This is not used and may cause an exception in a future release."

    OK, with that bit of background, it's important to understand that a lot of developers have traditionally passed a NULL as the fourth parameter, like this (it's reasonably good practice as it explicitly shows that the function takes four arguments but one is deliberately being passed as null):

    window.open("https://www.sage.co.uk", "Test", "height=10,titlebar=no", null);

    That's always worked. But not any more. When I do the same in my up-to-date Chrome console then here's the error I get:

    "Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'open' on 'Window': Missing required member(s): conversionDestination, impressionData.
    at <anonymous>:1:8"

    So that's what's going on. As to a fix - maybe use a different browser? What *I* would do (as I'm a developer so it's easy for me to say) would be to edit line 6513 of GT_ClientFuncsJQ.js to remove the fourth parameter from the open() function that's doubtless being called on that line and off we'd go. But I appreciate your mileage may vary in this regard.

  • Chris,

    Removing the fourth parameter from the open() function fixed the issue our users were experiencing. 

    Thank you so much for your time!

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