TomCat Logging Level

Hi All

Does anyone know what adjustments are need to TomCat to make it record what errors it is getting on a Dashbord? 

I have it producing red errors "An error occured when attempting to process the gadget" which runs fine for System Admin. As far as I know I've included all the fields needed for it to work. 

I vaguely remember needing to change some log file somewhere from ERROR to something and it would record what the SQL error is but I can't remember which file and which value to change. 

  • Hi Matthew,

    I've come across this a couple of months ago and it was a missing field on my side. Did you test with an admin user? Not the actual admin user, but a different user with system admin rights. If it works, it's a field I think. Let me check what I can find on my side and I'll update.

    As for the logs, look at the log4j.xml file in the [instance]\tomcat\webapps\crmj\WEB-INF file. There is a lot of stuff about level logging in there (at the bottom of the file). Try that perhaps. Not sure if this this will help or not. 

  • ok I just looked at my custom report and I had to add: AssignedUserId, CreatedBy, SecTerr from that associated entity. Even the fact that I didnt use it in my custom view for the query, I just "hard coded" it into my view by just adding a value to the column and naming the column exactly as is.

    Here is an example from my cases report:
    "...1 'Case_AssignedUserId', 1 'Case_CreatedBy', -1000000 'Case_SecTerr' from ..."

    Hpoe this helps

  • I kind of solved it, for some bizzare reason one dashboard gadget worked just after an IIS Reset - I didn't tweak the source view in anyway. The second one I managed to troll through the catalina log to find it record the field that was missing (in this case oppo_secterr - even through I just joined a custom entity to Orders and was doing 'Custom Entity Not In Orders' type view, it need the Opportunity fields so rewrote the entire view to compensate) 

  • Jip that secterr field can get you sometimes Slight smile
    Glad you are sorted. Would you mind marking this as answered please