Custom content - query database

Help, please!

I have a requirement that when a field is populated on an opportunity, other fields are populated on the opportunity with a related address from the populated field.  The populated field is uniquely stored as an alias on the address table.  

I was planning on using a combination of custom content and OnChange script to accomplish this.  The problem that I am running into is that I am drawing a blank right now on how to query the database for the related address from custom content.

Can someone please shove me in the right direction.  Thank you!!!

  • You should use an on change script to get the address record needed and to populate the oppo address fields.

    To get the address record you can use the client-side api sdata() method or (and particularly if you need to do anything extra to getting the data) the jQuery ajax() or getJSON() methods to call an asp page.  The asp page has to be written to return a JSON object containing the address details.

    The sdata approach is simplest because you don't have to write the server-side code.