Facebook Integration with Sage CRM

Hi all,

I would to know if this integration is possible with Sage CRM using the flow below: 

- customer enter detail in Facebook form. Then, Facebook send the details to Sage CRM as lead/opportunity/case through integration below.

Just like the many other CRMs below, but Sage CRM is still not in the list. Please let me know if Sage CRM planning to have this feature in the future or it is impossible to have?

  • Hi Murni

    CRMR does a web-to-lead ability, but the CRM must be externally accessible for this to work. (i.e. over a https external URL). Found it can be a bit awkward as well.

    Do you have the option for Facebook to email you the results of the form? If so this would be a better solution in my mind. You would get it to email a dedicated inbox (e.g. [email protected]) and then using the Email Management area of CRM and a script (written in JavaScript) you can get CRM to monitor the mainbox and if it see an email the script tells it how to handle the email e.g. line one where the Company name is found to populate the lead_companyname field etc. This is our usual preferred route as then you don't need to expose CRM to the outside world if you don't need to. 

  • FB->Gmail integration is possible, but that have subscription fee, so I think this is not the preferred solution by our customer.

  • I'm just referring to POP email nothing about about an integration (or are you just referring to a cost of having another email account?). If Facebook can send an email to mailbox (e.g. GMail) and then CRM can access the email via standard POP

  • about the cost, I am referring to Facebook sending email to mailbox (Zapier have this integration, but need to subscibe). 

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